August 2009

Tweet Share1 Share +1Total Shares 1Last week at Social South, Dell’s Lionel Menchaca and I led a Social Media Conversation on Business Blogging. I was hoping that the attendees would want to discuss how they could use a blog as a tool to reach larger business goals. But I was a bit surprised that most […]

Tweet Share1 Share +1Total Shares 1Last week at Social South in Birmingham, I debuted a new presentation, What Rockstars Can Teach You About Kicking Ass With Social Media. I have to say that although this presentation combines two of my favorite topics; music marketing and social media, I was a bit worried about how the […]

Tweet Share3 Share +1Total Shares 3 Last week at The Viral Garden, I posted an interview I did with Kodak’s Director of Interactive Marketing and Convergence Media, Tom Hoehn.  Tom was nice enough to give me an exclusive look at Kodak’s ‘Ripcurl’ social media engagement system, which he co-created with Kodak’s Chief Blogger, Jenny Cisney.  […]