December 2009

Tweet5 Share17 Share4 +19Total Shares 35If your company is using social media, it is VITAL that you have a strategy and plan in place that’s guiding your efforts.  Not only will your efforts be much more successful, but it will save you a ton of time and money since your efforts will be focused.  And […]

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Tweet Share Share +1Total Shares 0 Going back to the results from my social media survey, Question #6 asked “What has been the biggest problem your company has encountered in using social meda?” The top response to this question was “Not sure how to measure the effectiveness of our efforts”. That probably isn’t surprising to […]

Tweet1 Share Share +1Total Shares 1As promised, here are the results from my recent survey on how companies are using social media.  Over 200 of you responded to this survey,  and thank you SO much for doing so!  I’ll be digging into the results and takeaways a bit more over the coming weeks, but for […]