February 2010

Tweet0 Share0 Share0 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 0Remember that game where a group of people sit in a circle and one person whispers a rumor to the person next to them?  Then that person whispers it to the next person, and so on until the rumor has worked its way around the circle.  Then the last […]

Tweet0 Share5 Share2 +12 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 9This morning I was pleasantly surprised to see a tweet from Mike Myatt about an article FedEx’s Matt Ceniceros had written where he discussed how the company uses social media to connect with its customers.  He added this passage: “Social media” can seem like a complex world of diverse […]

Tweet0 Share0 Share0 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 0Hey guys, I wanted to try something different with this post. Lately I’ve been struggling to find time to get new posts up here and at The Viral Garden as frequently as I want. So I wanted to experiment with doing some audio posts like this one. I can […]

Tweet98 Share84 Share17 +15 Pin1TOTAL SHARES 205 One of the most frequent questions I get about social media is the cost. What will launching a blog/Facebook fan page/Twitter presence cost me? What will a social media strategy cost? The answer is never clear-cut and depends on several factors, including: What are your goals for using […]

Tweet0 Share11 Share0 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 11Don’t most of us want more comments on our blogs?  Even the companies I work with almost always mention ‘getting more comments’ as one of the top concerns for their blog. And it’s easy to see why we’d want more comments, after all, if our readers leave more comments, […]

Tweet0 Share1 Share0 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 1 When I was 11 years old, living in rural Alabama, one hot summer I joined a local football team.  The school where I was attending at the time didn’t have a football program, but a nearby school did, and a couple of my friends convinced me to join […]

Tweet0 Share3 Share0 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 3 It’s a label that’s like nails on a chalkboard to many people, but one we can’t seem to escape. The ‘Social Media Rockstar’. Who is this person?  How do we determine who a ‘rockstar’ is in this space? Unfortunately, we too often give this label to people that […]