April 2010

Friday Finds

by Mack Collier

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Tweet Share Share +1Total Shares 0I’m going to start a new series, starting today and every Friday, on a few good links/posts/articles I’ve found during the last week. Hopefully you can find value from these as well! Social Media Strategy Before Tactics: Lee Odden asked a TON of people (including me) about the importance of […]

Tweet34 Share5 Share5 +1Total Shares 44Yesterday we looked at fixing five common problems with personal blogs.  Today, let’s tackle five common problems with business blogs: 1 – What information should I have on my blog? First, there’s contact information.  If you have a retail location, you should have the address.  If you’re a franchise, a […]

Tweet Share1 Share +1Total Shares 1 Today and tomorrow I’ll do a two-part series covering common problems that bloggers have, with solutions for each.  Today we’ll cover personal blogging, tomorrow we’ll look at business blogging.  Here’s five common problems with personal blogs and how to fix them: 1 – How do I find the perfect […]

Tweet Share14 Share +1Total Shares 14What demographic leads the way when it comes to reading and writing blogs?  According to a new study from iVillage and BlogHer, it’s Millenials, or those aged 18-25.  Recently, the Pew Internet and American Life Project also found that those in the 18-29 age range were 33% more likely to […]

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Tweet Share Share +1Total Shares 0I was just reading DJ Waldow’s piece for Marketing Profs on how his dentist is using email marketing.  He made a special note of how well the dentist is using email to connect with his customers, but pointed out that he isn’t really using social media at all.  DJ added […]

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Tweet Share Share +1Total Shares 0Occasionally, I will hear from a fellow blogger interested in tips on how to write a new blog post every day.  They usually reveal that they are struggling to crank out a new post every day, and worry that they are breaking an unwritten ‘blogging rule’. If you’re in this […]

Tweet Share1 Share +1Total Shares 1In late 2008, after I had been offering social media consulting services for about 2 years, I had the same conversation, twice in the span of two weeks. Both times, it was with conference organizers that were friends, that knew me.  I had just spoken at events for each, and […]

Tweet Share1 Share +1Total Shares 1Think about your goal for your blogging efforts.  It could be getting more interactions, or if you have a company blog, it could be getting more sales or leads. Now look at the metrics you are tracking to determine if your blogging efforts are working.  You should be able to […]

Tweet Share7 Share +1Total Shares 7One of the biggest challenges bloggers face is figuring out what the hell to write about.  And for company bloggers, this problem is magnified because many want to blog about their company and products, which doesn’t appeal to many readers. So what do you do?  How do you create and […]