June 2010

Seriously, it’s total bunk.  I know because I spend WAY too much time tracking my referral traffic from Twitter, and the people that send that traffic here via tweets and RTs. Two examples of how # of followers can be deceptive: 1 – Several months ago a member of Twitter with 70K followers tweeted a […]

Last Monday, as the driver approached Round Rock and Dell’s HQs, he informed me that “I’ll be taking you to Building #1.  That’s where Michael Dell is!”  Unfortunately, Michael was out of the country last week, so I didn’t get a chance to meet him. However, when we arrived at ‘Dell’s campus’, the driver explained […]

That’s exactly what Bruce’s Yams did.  If you follow @MissDestructo on Twitter, you know she is kinda crazy about Bruce’s Yams (in much the same way I am kinda crazy about Dr Pepper, so I don’t judge).  Well her friends on Twitter noticed this, and thought she would be the perfect candidate to work for […]

A fair number of you probably use Google Analytics for your blog’s stats.  GA is great for tracking information about your blog, and the trends that emerge from users interacting with your content. But GA doesn’t give you real-time information on your blog.  For example, let’s say your blog averages 10 visitors an hour.  But […]

The prime real estate on your blog is the area called ‘above the fold’.  This is the area of the blog you see when you arrive there.  If you have to scroll down your blog to find something, it is considered ‘below the fold’. As a result, you want to think carefully about the content […]

If your company is looking for advice on getting started with social media, one of the first things you will likely hear is to start monitoring your company and brand.  And you’ll probably hear that you should ‘Set up Google Alerts for company and business mentions’. But what if you have no idea what that […]

Kathy Sierra has often talked about the idea of Hi-Res learning.  The idea being, as you learn more about a topic, you begin to see and notice things that people that are new to the topic, overlook.  For example, if you are an architect, you notice the lines of a building, the characteristics that define […]

Two weeks from today I’ll be at Dell’s world headquarters in Round Rock, Texas. (Disclosure: Dell is a client) Part of the reason why I’ll be there will be to moderate and help facilitate an event called CAP Days.  CAP stands for Customer Advisory Panel, and on the 15th and 17th, Dell will be bringing […]