July 2010

Tweet69 Share Share +1Total Shares 69Hey y’all. We are coming off a huge July for #blogchat, including having a pair of stellar co-hosts, first Ann Handley, and then Geoff Livingston. And last nite’s OPEN MIC #blogchat was the second most popular ever, with over 3,500 tweets and 500 participants. Can we top that in August? […]

Tweet50 Share Share +1Total Shares 50This morning I checked my blog’s traffic and discovered this: Now that’s a pretty big spike from 5am – 7am.  So I checked my referrals and couldn’t really tell where the traffic was coming from.  I did see some referrals from a link shared via this FriendFeed user, but I […]

Tweet189 Share27 Share52 +15Total Shares 273#Blogchat is now about 16 months old and based on number of tweets and contributors, it looks to be the most popular chat on Twitter.  It’s definitely been a labor of love for me, and I am a HUGE proponent of Twitter chats.  So I wanted to write down the […]

Tweet48 Share4 Share +1Total Shares 52Last week I was contacted by Roula Amire, the managing editor at Ragan.com, who wanted to know if they could run my ‘5 smart ways to create additional content for your company blog‘ post on their site.  The email explained that they wanted to run the post, with my bio […]

Tweet9 Share2 Share8 +1Total Shares 19Yesterday I saw a special on Pixar’s movies, and the documentary included the opening to Toy Story 2, which is the following: The film’s director, John Lasseter, explained that if you saw this you didn’t think of these items as toys, but you believed they were real.  How easy is […]

Tweet100 Share15 Share +1Total Shares 115How many of you have considered starting a blog for your company, but really have no idea how you could blog on a regular basis?  I get it, most bloggers have this problem, hell I constantly struggle with getting posts out on a regular basis and keeping the content fresh […]