November 2010

Tweet31 Share1 Share +1Total Shares 32The term ‘Call to Action’ has somewhat negative connotations to many bloggers.  A ‘Call to Action’ is often seen as being ‘salesy’ or ‘self-promotional’, and as such, many bloggers see it as something to avoid. I think we should instead look at a Call to Action as a way to add […]

Tweet15 Share5 Share +1Total Shares 20Here’s a tip for getting more content on your blog: Interview smart people.  Case in point, I was checking the profiles of some of the people I follow on Twitter, and I clicked on @REBlogGirl’s profile, which says she does “Something Something at a Major Record Label.”  I had to […]

Tweet129 Share8 Share +1Total Shares 137Write better headlines. That’s no big relevation, and there’s a lot that goes into writing better headlines.  I’ll refer you to someone like @Copyblogger who has written a great series on writing better headlines. But there’s one area I wanted to focus on when it comes to headlines.  I share […]

Tweet69 Share Share +1Total Shares 69This Sunday nite, I’m thrilled that @ProBlogger (Darren Rowse) will be joining us to co-host #Blogchat at 8pm Central.  Darren’s topic will be helping us learn how to monetize our blogs, and the schedule will break down like this: From 8:00-8:30 PM Central – How to create blog content that […]

Tweet14 Share Share +1Total Shares 14New to #Blogchat and want to figure out what the deal is with the hottest chat on Twitter?  Then click here. After a stellar October lineup we’re going to start November off with a bang with another awesome co-host! November 7th – Darren Rowse (@ProBlogger) co-hosting on “How to Monetize […]