April 2011

Tweet70 Share1 Share47 +1Total Shares 118So when it comes to fast-food chains, who is the King on Twitter?  McDonald’s? BK?  Starbucks? The answer is, it depends.  Do you place more value on followers, or engagement?  How important is following back customers on Twitter?  Do more active accounts get higher marks? I found a list of […]

Tweet15 Share Share22 +1Total Shares 37One of the biggest problems that business blogs (and many personal blogs, for that matter) have is building engagement with its readers.  Today I wanted to highlight a blog that does a fantastic job of connecting with readers, the HomeGoods OpenHouse blog. It starts with the strategy First, the OpenHouse […]

Tweet7 Share1 Share7 +1Total Shares 15Joe Tripodi, Coca-Cola’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, recently penned a great article for the HBR on how the brand’s marketing is shifting from impressions to expressions.  I wanted to focus on one point that Joe made: Build a process that shares successes and failures quickly throughout […]

Tweet105 Share27 Share93 +1Total Shares 225As you might know, Beth Harte has been looking for a job for the past few months.  Recently, she shared this feedback she had gotten from a recruiter: “Remove all of your personal speaking, writing, blogging, and social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, SlideShare links, etc.) items from your resume. Companies […]

Tweet57 Share4 Share23 +1Total Shares 84Amy has an interesting post on her blog today on the value of blog comments.  In it, she writes: I think blog comments are VERY overrated. “Social media experts” act like they are the be-all-end-all but personally I think they are insignificant for many (not all, but the majority of) […]

Tweet32 Share6 Share2 +1Total Shares 40 Last year, artist Katy Perry launched a contest based around her latest hit single, Firework.  Tying into the theme of the song, she asked her fans to create a video telling her who was a ‘Firework’ in their lives.  Someone that inspired them, and for what reason.  The winner […]

Tweet68 Share6 Share12 +1Total Shares 86Over the past 3 years I’ve spoken at and attended a few dozen marketing and social media conferences.  Luckily, most of these events have been solid, and even when I have spoken at events, I try to stay around for the rest of the event as an attendee.  Now is […]

Tweet37 Share3 Share +1Total Shares 40One of the things I’ve tried to make an effort to do in 2011 is read more books.  I am lucky enough to constantly be offered review copies of books that friends and colleagues have written, but rarely have time to get to reading them. But at the same time, […]

Tweet13 Share2 Share +1Total Shares 15I’m very excited to announce that moving forward, I will be working with CMI (Content Marketing Institute) to help them provide content marketing strategy and editorial services to clients.  CMI Founder Joe Pulizzi and CMI’s “Strategist in Residence” Robert Rose have created a wonderful team of consultants that I have […]

Tweet124 Share11 Share5 +1Total Shares 140A friend teased me yesterday that the posts I wrote on Monday and Tuesday here hadn’t gotten as many comments as most of the posts here do.  I told her that I wasn’t writing the posts for comments, but for search engines. What?  Yes, the primary goal for my post […]

Tweet55 Share4 Share1 +11Total Shares 61Yesterday we talked about considerations when creating a social media policy for your company or organization.  But if your company or organization is planning on launching a blog, you also need to consider what policies and guidelines (both internal and external) will be in place for your efforts.  Here’s six […]