May 2011

Tweet29 Share Share24 +1Total Shares 53Welcome to another edition of ‘What can we learn about our own blog from watching Mack obsess over his?’ Ok, as most of you know, in January I decided to ramp up my posting schedule.  Since this blog’s launch 2 years ago (BTW Happy Birthday!) up till January of this […]

Tweet11 Share Share12 +1Total Shares 23 I wanted to share this talk from Nettwerk CEO Terry McBride with you, as it has some pretty interesting branding and marketing takeaways that apply not just to the music industry. Pay close attention to Terry’s thought on how you can’t litigate or legislate customer behavior, but should instead […]

Tweet72 Share2 Share63 +1Total Shares 137Let’s say you are presented with a unique and unexpected opportunity.  One that would require a several-month commitment, that would mean significantly shaking your life up, but could ultimately be the best thing that ever happened to you. You need to ask some friends for advice.  People that know you […]

Tweet12 Share5 Share15 +1Total Shares 32One of the complaints you often hear from businesses and organizations about blogging is that they aren’t sure what type of content to create to reach their audience.  That they don’t know how a blog can help them build awareness for their particular product.  That it’s ‘too boring’ and that […]

Tweet99 Share52 Share2 +12Total Shares 155A few weeks ago on a Sunday I was scrambling for topic ideas for that night’s #Blogchat when @SarahMaeWrites suggested we cover How to Create and Sell an EBook that night.  That sounded interesting, and then she DMed me to add that she had just created and sold one, so […]

Tweet58 Share2 Share27 +1Total Shares 87We just wrapped up another amazing #Blogchat on Twitter.  If you aren’t familiar with #Blogchat, it’s the largest chat on Twitter, and when it gets rolling starting at 8pm Central, there will be over a tweet left every second.  So while there is a TON of great info, it’s impossible […]

Tweet108 Share19 Share91 +1Total Shares 218Thanks to EVERYONE that submitted their blog to be reviewed Sunday night during #Blogchat!  Since there were so many submissions, I decided that we’d review 4 blogs instead of 3.  Now if your blog was not chosen, please submit it again next month, and I’ll try to give priority to […]

Tweet36 Share1 Share35 +1Total Shares 72In less than one month, we will have the second LIVE #Blogchat ever!  That’s right, LIVE #Blogchat is coming to the Marketing Profs B2B Forum in Boston next month!  We’ll be joining what is already a stellar agenda and speaker lineup including CK, Ann Handley, KD Paine, Chris Penn and […]

Tweet57 Share4 Share36 +1Total Shares 97Ok I want to try something different with the next #Blogchat.  I seriously do appreciate all of you that make #Blogchat so amazing each week, so I’m constantly trying to figure out ways that we can leverage the power of #Blogchat so that its regular participants can benefit. So what […]

Tweet62 Share16 Share37 +1Total Shares 115As part of a project I am working on, lately I have been reading (and reading up) on a lot of the books that many ‘social media experts’ have written.  And I honestly find myself cringing at a lot of the advice that they are giving companies.  Basically, they are […]

Tweet45 Share2 Share37 +1Total Shares 84Yes I actually said something smart in #IMCChat last night, and yes I am proud of it 😉  We had a fabulous discussion last night during #IMCChat about marketing and connecting with customers.  We were discussing how a brand’s marketing improves as it better understands the customer.  The better understanding […]