June 2011

So like many of you, I finally got a Google+ invite, and plan on kicking the tires a bit over the next few days.  But as I was quickly scanning the features, and reading great previews like this one, I was looking for a specific feature. I want the ability to follow content in addition […]

It’s not about having a transactional relationship with your customers, it’s about having an emotional one with your fans. Thoughts?

So I was on Twitter late Friday night, and I saw this tweet from @AmandaPalmer.  It got my interest, so I did some checking.  I found dozens of tweets from Amanda’s fans either gushing about her and thanking her for letting them attend the secret show, or those that were angry that they missed it. […]

As those of you that follow #Blogchat and other Twitter chats know, recent changes to Twitter’s Terms of Service have made it more difficult for 3rd party sites/apps to provide the chat transcripts that so many of us rely on.  WTHashtag, a popular site many of us used to create our own transcripts for Twitter […]

It seems that a lot of people are wanting to copy the efforts of popular bloggers.  They want to figure out how to be the next Chris Brogan or Mashable or Jessica Northey.  I wanted to talk about why I think that’s wrong, but first I wanted to tell you about a couple of my […]

For the last two months during #Blogchat we’ve had one week where we reviewed blogs from #Blogchat participants.  The most common complaint about the 7 blogs we’ve reviewed so far is ‘I don’t know what the blog’s focus is’.  This is a BIG problem for a lot of bloggers, but it’s one you need to […]

I was standing behind my podium, and I began our presentation.  A minute or two into introductions and laying out the reason for our talk, I lost my train of thought.  A second or two suddenly grew into a very noticeable and pregnant pause.  I glanced across the room at my co-presenter, who was standing behind another […]

If you remember last month we reviewed 4 blogs during one of our #Blogchats, a new one every 15 mins.  That #Blogchat was very popular with y’all, so I decided to make it a monthly feature!  The 3rd Sunday of every month we will review 3 blogs from #Blogchat participants.  This is a VERY small […]

Beau wrote me an email asking the following: “Some time ago, you wrote a post called “40 Dead Simple Ways to Get More Comments on Your Blog.” This is a great post, and #27 in particular intrigues me: “Leave comments on other blogs.” You state: “The best way to grow your blog is to leave […]

  I’ve been going to Marketing Profs events for 3 years now, and they remain my favorite marketing-oriented conferences.  Even when I started writing articles for Marketing Profs 4 years ago, Ann stressed to me constantly to ‘give the readers a plan of action, something they can implement immediately’.  That really is the cornerstone of […]

“So how does a Live #Blogchat work?” I bet I heard that question fifty times this week, and my answer was always the same, “The same way #Blogchat works on Twitter”. And it did. About 60 people showed up to Live #Blogchat, and we capped that number in order to have a smaller and more […]