August 2011

Whenever I announce on Twitter a new Live #Blogchat, a few people always have the same response: “But when are you coming to the West Coast?!?” This November.  In Los Angeles.  At Blog World Expo!  I am beyond excited about this announcement, as this is the conference that EVERY blogger wants to attend.  It’s our […]

Last night during #Blogchat I asked my friends what was the ONE thing they believed made a blog great.  The vast majority of the answers were associated with content.  Creating amazingly, great, valuable content. I disagree.  In my mind if you want to be a successful blogger, here’s the secret: You have to believe that […]

I was having a discussion on Twitter the other night and we were discussing a brand’s fans.  A passion topic of mine, but after a few minutes I realized something: The other person was talking about FACEBOOK fans, I was talking about Brand Advocates. They are completely different groups.  That’s not to say that someone […]

Thanks again to everyone that submitted their blogs for review.  Here’s the three that we’ll be reviewing, starting at 8:00 PM Central, Sunday (the 21st). 1 – Campfire Song Thanks to Lindseyfor submitting her blog, we’ll review it from 8:00-8:20 PM Central: Here’s Lindsey’s feedback for us: “I blog at I’m targeting women in the 25-35 age […]

It’s that time again!  Once a month we review the blogs from 3 participants during #Blogchat, and we’ll be doing it again this Sunday!  The idea is that you get a ‘fresh set of eyes’ to look at your blog and give you some ideas and pointers on what you’re doing. So if you’ve just […]

I am totally piggybacking on Marcus’ post over at Spin Sucks, but this is a question I have been pondering for a LONG time. The two most popular posts so far this year (by a mile) are this post on How Much Social Media Costs in 2011, and this one on How Much Social Media […]

I’m so in love with Blink-182 right now!  The band is getting ready for their first new single in eight years, and they came up with a pretty fascinating way to promote the song.  They teamed up with AT&T and found every instance of where a fan was using their music without permission in their […]

Two of  the biggest issues that most bloggers face is how to come up with ideas for posts, and how to optimize their blog for search engines.  I think most bloggers can solve both these problems (as well as tightening your blog’s focus) with Topic Buckets. Here’s the way Topic Buckets work: Take your blog, […]

Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have concluded that it only takes 10 percent of a population holding an unshakable belief in order to convince the majority to adopt that same belief.  In fact, the scientists found that this will always be the case. “When the number of committed opinion holders is below 10 percent, there is no […]

I wanted to make sure y’all know about two stellar events that I’ll be speaking at next month.  And as an added bonus BOTH will have a LIVE #Blogchat! The first is Content Marketing World.  This event probably has the deepest speaker lineup for any event I’ve ever attended.  In fact I can easily spot […]