March 2012

Let’s say you’ve taken your two daughters to a Taylor Swift concert and your seats are in the infamous ‘nosebleed’ section, and it seems the stage is a mile away.  The seats still cost you a small fortune, but your girls are loving the show anyway as the concert goes to intermission.  After a few […]

There are well over 500 Twitter chats right now (here’s a list of almost 600 of them).  These chats cover literally every topic under the sun, and represent a wonderful chance for companies to not only learn more about their customers, but to better connect with them.  Here’s some ideas for how they can get […]

Shortly after I started #Blogchat I decided to adopt a ‘no experts allowed’ policy.  I did this because when someone is identified as an expert, it’s the same as saying everyone else is NOT.  Which also implies that their opinion isn’t as valuable as the ‘expert’s’.  So if the ‘expert’ is talking, everyone else needs […]

I have good news and bad news for you when it comes to your Social Media Strategy: The Bad News – Social Media, in general, doesn’t function very well as a marketing and sales channel. The Good News – Social Media is a great way to make things happen indirectly. The problem that many companies […]

The first #Blogchat was held on March 22nd, 2009, so tonight’s OPEN MIC #Blogchat will also be our 3rd Anniversary!  Many people have asked how #Blogchat came to be, and that link explains a lot of the origin.  Additionally, the inspiration for #Blogchat came from something called Plurkshops that were started on Plurk in 2008. […]

…that companies need to stop focusing on the tools, and start focusing on the connections that the tools help facilitate.  It’s not about understanding Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, it’s about understanding customer behavior.  Anyone that tries to tell you differently is selling something. …that companies will get the biggest benefit from emerging digital technologies […]

Last year, my friend Liz Strauss challenged me to think about how companies could better connect with their fans, and vice-versa.  I wanted to think about how this process would actually take place inside a company.  How would a company identify and connect with its brand advocates?  How would it create and continue a connection […]

Starting next Wednesday, I’ll be running a weekly newsletter in addition to (almost) daily posts here.  The content focus will be slightly different, however. Here, I cover Social Media primarily, but a blend of content that can benefit the individual, as well as those that are using Social Media for their company.  But this newsletter […]

You ever get the feeling you need to just drop a topic?  I am completely there when it comes to  ‘Social Business’.  Even to the point that I’m pretty sure I’ve started pissing off friends and people I respect in this space. To set the record straight, I like what I think is the generally […]

Yesterday I jumped into #InfluenceChat on Twitter for a bit.  The topic was criticism that the Kony 2012 video is receiving.  If you are like me and have not seen the video yet, it’s apparently the most viral video of all time. That’s meant a lot of sudden exposure to the organization behind the video, […]

There’s a scene in the movie Liar Liar where the movie’s main character (a lawyer played by Jim Carrey who’s been ‘cursed’ with an inability to tell a lie) is given the phone by his secretary and told that one of his clients has “knocked over another ATM, this time at knife-point.  He needs your […]