April 2012

…I’m writing a book!  Actually I’m writing the only book I’ve ever wanted to write, Think Like a Rockstar!  Rockstars have passionate fans that absolutely love them, so why can’t brands as well?  The short answer is they CAN, and Think Like a Rockstar will show companies and organizations how they can cultivate advocates for […]

I participate in a lot of Twitter chats.  Granted, I’m no @LttleWys, but I at least lurk in a few every week.  The one thing I’ve noticed is the ‘power’ Twitter users, say those with over 50,000 followers, almost never join Twitter chats.  UNLESS they are the co-host/guest host.  In other words, if they can’t […]

There’s no shortage of businesses and organizations that have smartly leveraged YouTube as a channel to grow their business, launch a new product or create brand awareness.  Recently, YouTube identified nine of the best examples of businesses that are using the video-sharing site smartly as a marketing channel, and made them their first ever YouTube […]

I live in an area of the South with the unfortunate nickname of ‘Tornado Alley’.  I’ve lived in this area for the majority of my life, and we’ve all become accustomed to being on guard for the potential for tornadoes in the Spring in April and May, and then again in the Fall.  I live […]

Over the last week I had a chat with two of my dear friends.  These are people that for the past few years have both been very influential in the social media space, and have both garnered a high level of respect. One of those friends was Beth Harte.  I called her up to see […]

I am obsessed with the Real-Time feature that Google Analytics added a few months ago, and am constantly checking it throughout the day.  It shows you how many visitors are active on your site at any moment, as well as what page they are viewing, and how they arrived at your blog. At almost any […]

Last week I got to spend 3 days in Austin for Bazaarvoice’s Social Summit.  Bazaarvoice flew me in and paid me to do a Live #Blogchat on Wednesday night to kick off the event.  For the first time, we combined Twitter with the Live #Blogchat experience, and although there were some technical issues at first, […]

I think many companies are completely misusing Social Media as a marketing channel. These content-creation tools are the perfect outlet for companies to create content that teaches their customers how to solve their own problems, how to be better at something they love, how to kick-ass.  Teaching and empowering your customers creates a level of […]

I’m so excited about the LIVE #Blogchat we’ll be having on Wednesday at Bazaarvoice’s Social Summit!  This one will be totally different from previous Live #Blogchats in that YOU can participate!  That’s right, we’ll be incorporating your tweets into the discussion at the Social Summit that we’ll be having! Here’s the details:  The Live #Blogchat […]

It’s Spring, so I’ve been doing some cleaning up of the people and blogs I have been following.  As I’ve admitted to in the past, I am a Social Media Packrat, so I decided to trim down the people and blogs I am following.  I trimmed down the blogs I am subscribed to, as well […]

Reward the type of behavior you want to encourage and model the type of behavior you want to encourage. Reward the type of behavior you want to encourage. Think about what behavior you want from your members.  Maybe you want more comments on your blog or forum?  Then think about how you can reward people […]