September 2012

Never underestimate the impact search traffic has on your blog

September 26, 2012

So this blog has been effectively dormant since early May when I started working on my book.  I’ve left a few posts here and there, but my volume has definitely fallen off a cliff. Which would lead you to believe that my blog’s traffic should have been down this summer as well, right?  Surprisingly, it […]

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@NeilGlassman Joins #Blogchat Tonight to Talk Blogger Disclosure

September 16, 2012

Tonight at #Blogchat starting at 8pm Central we’ll be discussing what bloggers should be disclosing on their blogs plus how they can use disclosure to improve their reputations.  Joining us will be special co-host @NeilGlassman, who is the CMO of CMP.LY. Tonight we’ll be covering three areas: 1 – From 8:00pm-8:20pm central we’ll discuss when disclosure […]

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OverBlog is #Blogchat’s September Sponsor Plus the Topics For All Five Sundays!

September 1, 2012

I’m very excited to announce that OverBlog will be sponsoring #Blogchat in September!  OverBlog is a service that pulls together your social media content from multiple sources (your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc) and organizes it together on one page!  For an example, here’s Robert Scoble’s Overblog page.  I am looking forward to playing with it […]

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