October 2012

One of the key themes I cover in Think Like A Rock Star is to discuss and explain why most rock stars can create loyal fans so much easily than most companies can.  There are many reasons why rock stars so easily cultivate fans, but perhaps the biggest reason why rock stars have more loyal […]

Note from Mack: This post is part of OverBlog’s #Blogchat sponsorship from September and is written by OverBlog user (and one of the stars of #Blogchat) Linda Bernstein (@WordWhacker).   How many times did the “factoid” that a month with five weekends happens only once every 823 years appear on your social media feeds this […]

I love this!  Veronica was at the B2B Forum last week in Boston doing a ‘graphic recording’ of some of the sessions, and she did a great job of recording some of the key takeaways from the Live #Blogchat!  Click the image to see it full-size. Here’s Veronica’s blog, and her page with many of […]

Comments. Likes. Followers. Pins. These are all ‘engagement’ metrics that many companies track to decide if their social media marketing efforts are successful.  It’s completely understandable, because these metrics are very easy to find. And that’s typically the problem.  Too often we place too much value on the social media metrics that are the easiest […]

Whew! After 5 months of writing, the manuscript for Think Like a Rock Star has been handed off to my editor at McGraw-Hill, and the book is now available for pre-order on Amazon! There’s still the editing process to go through, but I wanted to give you a bit more information on what the book […]