January 2013

Digiday had a nice article today profiling Patagonia’s content strategy.  I found this quote from Patagonia’s Creative Director Bill Boland to be very interesting:  “Our content stays away from the hard sell,” said Bill Boland, Patagonia’s creative director. “But we are finding that our customers are interested in talking about our products. Even with the […]

Most people use the terms interchangeable, but I think they are two separate types of people.  In my mind, fans have a higher level of passion and sense of ownership over a brand.  Both brand advocates and fans want to see their favorite brands succeed, but  I think the difference is that fans will work […]

If social media has done anything, it has highlighted the fact that we humans love to jump to conclusions.  And we love to latch onto assumptions that validate and agree with our own worldview.  The same thing with blogging, we cling to many ‘truths’ that are in reality, mostly bunk.  Here’s five of them: 1 […]

Two weeks ago I wrote a pretty popular blog post on whether or not bloggers should include dates on their posts.  There was plenty of support both for having and removing dates from posts. Now at that time, I did not include dates on my posts.  But since one of my mantras is that bloggers […]

Ignore the Haters

by Mack Collier

It’s such a privilege to be a part of #Blogchat every Sunday night.  The community there is incredibly supportive and helpful.  People go out of their way to greet you when you arrive, and to help you in any way they can.  Especially newbies and people that are joining for the first time. However, and […]

Think Like a Rock Star is now less than three months from hitting stores.  So as you might guess, these last few months have been a crash course for me in how to effectively market a book and help it be successful. Most of the information I’ve found and advice I’ve received from other authors […]

I have a love/hate relationship with list posts.  On the one hand, those ’10 Steps to Launching a Business Blog’ or ‘5 Ways to Improve Your Blogging Today’ posts are always popular.  I know, cause I’ve written plenty of them.   And even though a lot of bloggers don’t like them, they do help bloggers […]

If I asked you about Scott Monty, you’d probably offer up that he’s the Global Head of Social Media for Ford.  Everyone knows that. But did you also know that Scott is a huge Sherlock Holmes fan and has one of the best hobby blogs I’ve ever seen, The Baker Street Blog? Last night during […]

If you think about it, one of the fastest ways to truly establish thought leadership with a blog is to continuously create high-level content around a subject.  Yet very few blogs do that, and the ones that offer high level content on a frequent basis typically have a very infrequent posting schedule. Does that mean […]

It’s the timing and context of the reward that’s crucial. If you walk into Best Buy and the door greeter smiles and hands you a coupon for 20% off any purchase over $100 during your visit, that’s not a reward.  It’s an incentive to make a purchase.  While that coupon might increase the chance that […]

I was digging through this blog’s stats this morning in Google Analytics, and I noticed something interesting.  As I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, one of my goals for 2013 is to blog more often.  A big reason why is because I want to increase the traffic here, and so far in January […]