July 2013

UPDATE: Here’s the transcript from this chat! I’m thrilled to announce that Paper.li’s Marketing Director Kelly Hungerford will be joining #Rockstarchat today at 1pm Central on Twitter to discuss how the brand created and launched its brand ambassador program!  This is a great opportunity to learn from Paper.li because I know so many of you […]

I wanted to talk in very broad strokes today about why it pays to have a fan-centric brand.  And what I mean by that is a brand that places a premium on connecting more closely with its most passionate customers. But before we get into this post, I want to start with a very simple […]

I’ve blogged before about how sharing content on Twitter can drive big traffic back to your blog.  It’s also a great way to network with others, and to find and share content that makes you and your network smarter.  I am a big believer in sharing content on Twitter and here’s five of my best […]

“Own Your Network” I heard that phrase several times this week in Birmingham at Y’all Connect.  It’s something I have been thinking a lot about recently. Are we stretching ourselves too thin when it comes to social media, and are we spending too much time trying to cultivate new networks instead of maximizing the potential […]

I’ve written about how much I love WPTouch before, but I wanted to sing the plugin’s praises again here.  WPTouch optimizes your blog for viewing on mobile devices such as smartphones.  Those of us that use our smartphones to read blogs know how terrible it is to try to read a blog that hasn’t been […]

“I just said we gotta do this, this is at the heart of the brand.  We’ve got a real problem in losing control of our ability to talk to friends.” – Former Maker’s Mark CEO Bill Samuels Jr. on how he pitched the idea of launching a brand ambassador program to his Board of Directors. […]

UPDATE: Here’s tonight’s #Blogchat transcript! (Click ‘Transcript’ on the left to view). Well this is a topic I can definitely blog about, since I am no SEO expert!  We will also be discussing this topic tonight (Sunday, July 21st 2013) at #Blogchat on Twitter. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Effectively, what you are doing […]

The last few weeks I have been thinking a lot about this.  It seems a lot of the free social media tools that we are ‘renting’ have come under fire, or disappeared. Google Reader went away, disrupting how readers subscribe to and receive our posts. Twitter suddenly changed its API rules or some such for […]

UPDATE: Here’s the transcript from tonight’s #blogchat! I am currently helping a friend launch their new website.  One of the things she’s trying to figure out is what information goes on the site’s homepage, and in what order.  You should be thinking about the same things on your blog. For starters, ask yourself what are […]

Today’s #RockStarChat topic will focus on how companies can cultivate brand advocates and fans from their own employees.  Seriously how can a company hope to excite its customers if its own employees aren’t excited about working for the company?  We’ll discuss this at 1pm Central today, and luckily a few members of Dell’s Social Media […]

Marketers are obsessed with size.  Especially size of market, and they often spend billions of dollars chasing the biggest market of all:  New Customers. And yet, rock stars follow a completely different marketing path.  Instead of marketing to New Customers, they go out of their way to create experiences and engagement with their biggest fans. […]