September 2013

Tweet Share8 Share10 +116Total Shares 34 I stopped checking my Klout score/profile about a year ago because I simply can’t understand how the score is calculated.  Plus, my score seems to always stay in a range of 74-78 when I do check it, so I stopped looking.  I got an email from Klout about a […]

Tweet Share5 Share1 +1Total Shares 6The final 4 months of the year are typically my busiest time.  Companies near the end of their fiscal year and find out they have some budget left, so they decide they want to spend it on social media training and advisement. If you’re in this situation, then this post […]

Tweet Share Share2 +1Total Shares 2Note from Mack: This is a sponsored post from #Blogchat’s sponsor in September, Clarity Coverdale Fury.  Check out their blog here, and please follow them on Twitter.  Here’s their new post, How Brands Can Win With Conscious Consumers.   “My consumption impacts myself, my family, my community and the world […]

Tweet2 Share8 Share1 +13Total Shares 14I recently saw this video thanks to a share by Amy Taylor.  The video talks about a scientific study into one of the key drivers of happiness: Sharing gratitude. As soon as I saw this, I immediately recalled Katy Perry’s Firework Video Contest.  Katy asked her fans to create a […]

Tweet Share7 Share3 +1Total Shares 10Here’s tonight’s #Blogchat transcript (Click Transcript on the left). Tonight (9-22-2013) at #Blogchat we’ll be chatting about how blogs impact purchase decisions.  All month long #Blogchat is sponsored by CCF.  Tonight’s topic ties into CCF’s latest blog post about the role of brands in easing the mind of consumers.  CCF […]

Tweet Share15 Share22 +122Total Shares 59 This Thursday for the first time I’ll be speaking in two states on the same day (yeah it sounded pretty cool when I scheduled it months ago).  Thursday night I’ll be in Nashville  speaking to the Social Media Club chapter about Think Like a Rock Star.  But earlier that […]

Tweet Share3 Share1 +1Total Shares 4Here’s the transcript for tonight’s #Blogchat, click on Transcript on the left! Hey y’all tonight we will be discussing where we find rich and valuable content for our blogs.  Thanks again to CCF for sponsoring #Blogchat in September!  You can check out their blog and learn more about their new […]

Tweet13 Share75 Share28 +111Total Shares 127 Over the last couple of years there’s been a pattern of brands running campaigns designed to ‘show our fans how much we love them’.  Typically this involves the brand surprising the fan with some sort of free gift, the fan(s) is thrilled, and this is all filmed and turned […]

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Tweet Share Share +1Total Shares 0That’s today’s #Rockstarchat topic on Twitter, and you can join in below in this very post!  Feed readers click here. For example, think of all the brands that you would consider yourself to be a fan of.  And it could even be extended to being a fan of a TV […]

Tweet Share4 Share +1Total Shares 4 Here’s the #Blogchat transcript thanks to Hashtracking! Tonight’s (Sept 8th, 2013) #Blogchat will feature Nashville’s Dave Delaney discussing with us how to use our blogs as a networking tool!  Dave just wrote a book on networking, and will have a ton of tips and tricks for us on how […]

Tweet Share1 Share2 +1Total Shares 3Today at 1pm Central on Twitter we’ll be discussing how to find the identity of your fans at #RockstarChat.  It’s vitally important to understand who your fans are, because that helps shape the type of relationship you can have with them. For example, Maker’s Mark literally calls their fans their […]