October 2013

Tweet Share18 Share2 +18Total Shares 28Yesterday I wrote about how you can increase your chances of getting paid for the content you create.  How to monetize a blog is one of the most requested topics among the #Blogchat community, so today I wanted to talk about another option for making money from your blog: Getting […]

Tweet Share37 Share1 +1Total Shares 38I am really excited about this event! Next week from Wednesday through Friday I’ll be in Huntsville, Alabama for the Social Media Tourism Symposium.  I’ll be joined by some of the top social media marketing speakers including Jay Baer, Sheila Scarborough and Tom Martin, among others.  In fact, both Sheila […]

Tweet Share17 Share10 +119Total Shares 46 Earlier this week the New York Times ran an opinion piece from Tim Kreider addressing a topic that many bloggers can relate to: Being asked to create content for someone without being paid.  Have you ever been invited to write a post or series of posts for a blog […]

Tweet Share18 Share6 +12Total Shares 26 I hate to ask for help. Part of it is not wanting to bother others but mostly its not wanting to be vulnerable or to admit that I need help.  And unfortunately I’ve needed to ask others for help more than I would like this year. But when I […]

Tweet Share89 Share70 +127Total Shares 186 I was doing some research for a client and found a few of these stats, so I started doing some digging and pulled together the rest, and had a good friend (thanks Kerry!) send me some links as well.  Enjoy! Social Media User Behavior Facebook is still the most […]

Tweet Share18 Share6 +14Total Shares 28About a year ago I unfollowed a guy on Twitter.  It wasn’t for anything he said or did, it was for the way he said it.  He was Captain Disagreeable.  He challenged everything, and typically the points he challenged were incredibly minor.  It would result in the person he was […]

Tweet Share23 Share6 +13Total Shares 32 It’s no secret that I’m big fans of the gang at Brains on Fire.  You probably know them for their work with client Fiskars in helping to create and develop The Fiskateeers movement, which is a staple case study at marketing and social media conferences, and for good reason. […]

Tweet1 Share32 Share16 +14Total Shares 53Red Bull is one of my favorite case studies from Think Like a Rock Star.  In the book I call them this generation’s Nike, and they really are.  What separates Red Bull from most brands is its customer-centric marketing.  Everything about the brand’s content, marketing and communication efforts is about […]

Tweet399 Share237 Share122 +1218Total Shares 976One of my pet peeves in #Blogchat is when we are discussing how to create engaging content or how to grow readership and someone will tweet ‘just write awesome posts!’ Yeah, because it’s that easy. It’s like saying that the solution to losing weight is to ‘eat less, exercise more’. […]

Tweet Share2 Share +1Total Shares 2 Here’s the link to tonight’s #Blogchat transcript (Click transcript on the left) More and more bloggers are deciding to launch a newsletter in addition to their blogs.  So tonight(10-20-13) we’ll discuss how you can create an effective newsletter and how the content you create differs from your blog content. […]

Tweet Share21 Share10 +16Total Shares 37 Earlier this week, Gini had an interesting post on her efforts to drive revenue from her site SpinSucks.com: We batted around some ideas. Should we sell content? Should we create a subscription-based professional development site? Should we host paid webinars? The answer to all of those questions was yes […]