All #Blogchat Topics and the Sponsor For April Plus Blog Reviews!

by Mack Collier

I’m thrilled to announce that Karrh & Associates will be sponsoring #Blogchat in April! Karrh & Associates is run by my friend Jim Karrh who I’ve known since my early blogging days.  Please check out Jim’s site and blog to learn more about his marketing, training and consulting services.

And we’ve got a pretty solid list of topics for April, along with the return of an old favorite!

April 6th – How to Create Content That Organically Reaches Customers.  With the recent changes to Facebook’s algorithms that have reduced the visibility of updates from brand pages, it’s more critical than ever that brands create compelling content that now only reaches our audience organically, but that they share with others as well.  Well talk about some of the things that are keeping people from reading, sharing and acting on your content, and also the keys to creating compelling content.

April 13th –  Making Sure the Voice of Your Blog is the Voice of Your Organization.  Consistent brand voice is incredibly powerful and its incredibly obvious when a brand is missing this.  We’ll discuss ways you can discover that your brand voice is out of synch and how to get it in tune, especially making sure that your blog’s voice and tone is consistent with that of your larger organization.

April 20th – Blog Reviews are back!!!   We’ll review four blogs (Jim has already volunteered his for the 4th slot) over the course of an hour.  So there will be 3 slots available for #Blogchat members.  I’ll share more details on this the week of the 20th and how you can nominate your blog if you would like to have #Blogchat review it.

April 27th – OPEN MIC!

So there you go, all topics for April, and thanks again to Jim and his team for sponsoring #Blogchat.  Please make sure you are following Jim on Twitter.

Want to sponsor #Blogchat in May? Here’s price and details.  See y’all Sunday night!

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