Announcing the BlogHOT Awards Plus Your Chance to Win!

by Mack Collier


Today we’ve very excited to announce the creation of the BlogHOT Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Blogging!  These awards will showcase the very best blogs and bloggers in three categories:

Independent Blogger:  This is for a blogger that has their own blog, regardless of whether or not they also blog for a company.  For example, you may blog for your company, but you also have a gardening blog that you write as well.

Individual Business Blogger:  This is for a blogger that writes for their business, either as part of a team on their company’s blog, or they write an individual blog that’s devoted to their work they do for their company.

Business Blog:  Pretty straightforward.  What’s the best company blog out there?


Each blogging category will be judged on slightly different criteria, but in general more weight will be given to blogs that consistently create great content that engages their readers.  Here’s how the process will work:  Starting today and running through February 22nd, everyone will be able to nominate their favorite blog in each of the three categories.  Then, our panel of judges will cull that list down to the five finalists in each category.  Then, we will open up the voting process on March 1st, and everyone will be able to vote for their favorite blog from among the five finalists up until March 18th!  The winner in each category will be announced on March 27th just prior to Mark Horvath’s closing keynote.

So how do you become nominated to win one of these cateogories?  Simple, go and leave a comment nominating your favorite blog for the appropriate category, either Independent Blogger, Individual Business Blogger or Business Blog.  And when you do, please tell us why you are nominating that blog.  Tell us what you like about that blogger or blog.  Not only will you help the judges choose their finalists, but you will also help the rest of us discover great blogs and bloggers.  That’s really the whole point of this, we want to put a spotlight on the blogs and bloggers that are doing the best work.

Oh and here’s the bonus for Independent Bloggers, if you win the award for Best Independent Blogger, then you will also win two free passes to BlogHOT in 2014!   That’s a prize worth approximately $2,000!

So head over to the BlogHOT website and nominate your favorite blog today!  And if you want to join us at BlogHOT, remember that the Early Bird rate is in effect, and you’ll save $100 off registration!

Linda Bernstein January 22, 2013 at 9:54 am

Nice idea, Mack. Wish I could be seeing you at BlogHOT

Mack Collier January 22, 2013 at 12:48 pm

I do too!

Martha Giffen January 27, 2013 at 5:29 pm

What a great idea! May the best bloggers win!

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