#Blogchat schedule for 9-05 with co-host Shani Sammons!

by Mack Collier

Guys if you haven’t heard, Shani Sammons will be co-hosting #Blogchat on Sunday nite.  We’ll be discussing how musicians can use social media to connect with their fans.  Shani just wrote a post recapping a lot of the work she did with social media for Sugarland, please check it out!

I wanted to give y’all a bit of an outline for how our discussion will go.  But also, I wanted to stress that those of you that are #Blogchat regulars that are wanting to learn how to grow engagement and interaction on your blog, should definitely check in on tomorrow nite’s #Blogchat.  I don’t want you to get fooled by the topic and think ‘Oh they are going to talk music, I’ll sit this week out’.  Most if not all of the discussion we’ll have about community building for artists will be completely applicable for bloggers as well!

With that in mind, here’s how the chat will be formatted:

1 – For the first 30 mins or so, we’ll focus on how musicians can find their fans.  We’ll have a big emphasis on monitoring here, and ‘fishing where the fish are’ 😉

2 – Around 8:30 or so, the discussion will move to a discussion of which tools artists can use to connect with their fans.  As well as how to decide which tools they should be using.

At around 9pm, the discussion will move to a more open Q&A.

That’s it!  But again I wanted to stress that a lot of the topics Shani and I will be covered tomorrow will be beneficial to #Blogchat regulars, even if they aren’t musicians or interested in the music marketing aspects.

So #Blogchat will start at 8pm Central on Sunday nite, and if you want to show up a bit earlier to meet everyone and chat, we’ll start the ‘pregame’ at 7pm Central.  And if tomorrow nite will be your first #Blogchat and you are a bit overwhelmed with how fast it is, then you may want to come back at 9pm Central.  The volume will be less then, and it will be easier to keep up.  Also, if you ask Shani a question and she doesn’t respond, you may want to try again after 9pm.  Shani will try to stay a bit past 9pm, so she’ll get to as many questions and replies as she can!

Sound good?  If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to share in the comments!

BTW if you have no idea what #Blogchat is about, here’s what it is.

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