Blogger Outreach Programs and Campaigns

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Are you launching a new product line that you want to raise awareness of?  Is your company hosting a conference or event and you’d like to get people talking about it online?  Then a Blogger Outreach Program might be the solution you are looking for.

I work with companies to create and execute Blogger Outreach Programs that help them connect with bloggers that have the incentive to spread their message to their networks.  My approach differs from other agencies and consultants that simply target ‘influential’ bloggers.  I work with companies to identify and connect with bloggers that not only are interested in spreading your message, but that are actively engaged with their social media networks.

The advantage to this approach is:

1 – You’re connecting with bloggers that WANT to promote your product/marketing/event/content to their readers.

2 – You’re connecting with bloggers that are engaging with their readers!

Here is a case study I did for a Blogger Outreach Campaign that I created and executed for TMG, on behalf of their client, Citi.  In selecting the bloggers to reach out to, I followed the above methodology of not reaching out to bloggers with large readerships exclusively, but instead targeting bloggers that were interested in the focus of the webcast AND that were engaged with their readers.  This approach was validated when signups for the webcast exceeded its goal by 100%.

If you would like to discuss how I could craft a blogger outreach program for your company that would boost your awareness online and help you connect with current and potential online customers, please email me or call me at 1-256-668-8207.  I will be happy to discuss your situation and can provide you with a custom quote based on your company’s unique needs!