Introducing a New Type of Blogging Conference: BlogH.O.T.

by Mack Collier


As you all know, I have been busier than usual over the past few months.  Part of the reason why is because I’ve been working on my first book, Think Like A Rock Star.  But I’ve also been working on another special project that I haven’t been ready to talk about publicly until now.

On March 25-27th in Los Angeles the first BlogH.O.T. conference will be held.  This conference will be unique in several ways, the first is the name, BlogH.O.T.  The H.O.T. stands for Hands On Training.  We have created an agenda that focuses on having you learn by doing something.

Second, over the last three years of running #Blogchat I’ve occasionally had someone ask me about the possibility of having a #Blogchat conference.  This is the next best thing as #Blogchat and Digital Sherpa will be the initial co-sponsors for BlogH.O.T.  As such, what we’ve strived to do is take the things that make #Blogchat so successful, and work them into the structure of BlogH.O.T.

For example, a big key to the success of #Blogchat is the interactions and engagement that happens constantly throughout the chat.  If I have a question about how to build engagement on my blog, I can throw that question out there, and within minutes a dozen or more people will be helping me and giving me guidance.  With that in mind, we structured BlogH.O.T. so that the sessions will encourage interactions.  We didn’t want you to be spending all your time simply listening to a speaker and taking pages of notes.  We want you to learn by doing, and by interacting with others.  That’s a big key to the success of #Blogchat, and we’ve structured the BlogH.O.T. agenda so there’s a premium placed on interaction throughout every session.

The conference’s agenda is broken down into three tracks over two days:

Knowledge: This is where we have one expert covering one a particular blogging topic.

Interactive:  The sessions in this track are led by two experts, who are facilitating a room-wide discussion about a particular blogging topic.  This is the perfect chance for you to get feedback not only from the experts, but your fellow attendees.  The topics of the Interactive track are also chosen specifically to compliment topics covered in the Knowledge track.

Instructional:  This tracks focuses on a workshop structure where one expert leads an overview and deep-dive of a particular blogging topic.  The expert will walk attendees through exact examples of how to implement the blogging tactic or strategy they are teaching.


The speaker lineup is absolutely phenomenal.  See for yourself.  One thing we really tried to do when we fleshed out this conference was we let the topics pick the speakers.  We first decided on the topics that business and professional bloggers needed help with, and then we chose the speakers.  Topics such as building engagement, generating leads, measuring results, optimizing for search and social.   Seriously, we could not be more pleased with the experts that we have committed so far, and we have a few more that we will be announcing in the coming weeks.

BTW there is one speaker I wanted to give a special thanks to, and that’s my man Marcus Sheridan.  I am working with Digital Sherpa to advise them on the content and to also help them bring on the speakers.  Looking back, I probably screwed this process up from the start because I started trying to convince the keynote speakers first, specifically, the very first speaker I reached out to was Marcus.  So here I am emailing Marcus asking him if he wanted to keynote an event that was in its first year, that had NO confirmed speakers at the time!  But we wanted Marcus because he is an amazingly dynamic speaker, plus he knows firsthand how to build a business via excellent blogging.  So as soon as I told him what the focus of the event was, and that we were going to focus on teaching attendees by interacting and doing, he was in.  Marcus is the Day Two Opening Keynote, and his Keynote is Enough of the Kumbaya: How to Get Real Business Blogging Results in an Age of Empty Chatter.  How can you not love that?

So check out the agenda for yourself.  It’s amazing, and I could not be prouder of the value this event will provide. We were extremely picky with the people we targeted because we really weren’t looking for speakers, we were looking for teachers.  People that aren’t just amazing speakers, but also people that have extensive workshop experience.  That are comfortable conducting breakout sessions and leading groups through room-wide discussions.

People that can help you become better bloggers.  I could not be more excited to be a part of this event, and hope you can be as well!

One final note.  Attendance to BlogH.O.T. will be capped at 200 people.  Again, we want a smaller audience to better facilitate interaction.   So if you are considering going, please get your ticket ASAP, we also have an early-bird price in effect right now of $895.00!  Also, rooms at the Omni where BlogH.O.T. is being held are only $195 a night now through March 5th!

Linda Bernstein December 9, 2012 at 9:16 pm

This sounds great! You are full of ideas.

Linda Bernstein December 9, 2012 at 9:17 pm

Actually, this is my last post. I’ve been writing so much for other’s, my own poor blog is lagging. 9 Things You Should Never Say to Your Partner | Next Avenue

Mack Collier December 9, 2012 at 9:19 pm

The cobbler’s blog has no posts? ;) I know the feeling!

Corve DaCosta December 10, 2012 at 8:35 am

Great work. I have been following the hashtag and discussions. All the best.

rhonda hurwitz December 10, 2012 at 8:00 pm

Sounds great … and I can vouch firsthand that Marcus is an amazing speaker. Maybe you can come to NYC for your next?

Mack Collier December 11, 2012 at 8:02 am

Hi Rhonda, yes everyone raves about Marcus, so we were thrilled to have him be involved!

And as for NYC, we’ll work on that ;) Since BlogHOT will be in March, that kinda restricted where we could hold the event from a weather POV. Good news is it looks like low 70s is the norm for LA in March. I’ll take it ;)

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