Brand Ambassador Program Audit

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Before investing in launching a Brand Ambassador Program, you should have a qualified Brand Ambassador Program Audit performed.  This audit is designed to determine if your brand is ready to launch a Brand Ambassador Program, and the structure that that the program will take, as well as the strategy behind it.  Once the audit has been performed, then your brand can decide if a Brand Ambassador Program makes good fiscal sense.

The Brand Ambassador Audit covers three main areas:

  • The necessary strategy and structure of a Brand Ambassador Program for your brand.  This dives into the type of business relationship you should strive to create and maintain with your Brand Ambassadors.  It covers the structure as well as what your business goals should be.
  • Uncovering your ideal Brand Ambassador.  This will tell you who you should be connecting, which customers among your base make the best candidates for being a Brand Ambassador.  The audit will also include recommendations on how many ambassadors your program should have at onset, and over the first 5 years.
  • Breakdown of required roles within your brand as well as among your Brand Ambassadors.  This will give you a structure for how your program should be organized from the standpoint of the number of employees and ambassadors involved, as well as their roles.  It will also include a breakdown of required manhours and expected compensation so you can budget those costs as well.

Along with the audit you will receive a detailed analysis of how to measure the effectiveness of your Brand Ambassador program, as well as expected costs to launch and maintain the program for the first 5 years.  Once you see the expected business outcomes of the program, you can balance that against the expected expense, and easily decide if a Brand Ambassador Program makes business sense for your brand.

The Brand Ambassador Program Audit requires two months to complete.  Your fee is divided into three equal payments, the first due when you accept the project, the second payment due 30 days later, and the final payment due 60 days later, when the report is delivered to you.  We’ll have a followup phonecall to discuss the audit so your team understands my exact recommendations and findings.

If you would like to learn more about this service or purchase a Brand Ambassador Progam Audit, please email me.