Being Alive

(and one last thing, if you want something entertaining, go watch me battle some trolls in realtime: ,,,,k g’night). — Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) April 22, 2015 I’ve been following Amanda Palmer for a while now, she was one of the major music case studies in Think Like a Rock Star.  Not because I’m a […]

In 2008 I spoke at a small business conference and during the event for the first time I started tweeting takeaways from the sessions I attended.  The attendees, many of who had no idea what Twitter was, were floored.  They couldn’t believe that there was a conversation happening inside the session they were attending, yet […]

Last night I watched a Frontline episode called Generation Like.  The episode followed several teens that were learning how to use social media and learning how to create content that brought them popularity.  Switching from interesting to depressing, the show walked us through how teens were training themselves and each other to learn what type […]

I wanted to go slightly off-topic today to discuss ‘experts’.  For the last several years in the social media space there’s been constant hand-wringing over how we vet who the ‘real’ experts are.  One of the common themes is that when people claim to be experts that really aren’t, it makes it more difficult to […]

A few months ago a well known ‘social media guru’ on Facebook said I was a hateful and fearful person, just because I disagreed with them on a particular social issue.  Actually, they didn’t single me out, they said that anyone that disagreed with them was hateful and fearful and intolerant (the irony of their […]

I hate to ask for help. Part of it is not wanting to bother others but mostly its not wanting to be vulnerable or to admit that I need help.  And unfortunately I’ve needed to ask others for help more than I would like this year. But when I do ask for help, I make […]