Tweet56 Share14 Share1 +15Total Shares 76The topic of #Blogchat last Sunday was “If You Could Spend $500 on Making Your Blog Better, What Would You Buy?”  It brought about an interesting discussion and here’s the transcript.  I wanted to add my thoughts because anything related to money and social media is a topic that a […]

Tweet44 Share Share +11Total Shares 45On Sunday (July 19, 2015) we’ll be discussing the affect that your personality can have on your blog and writing.  Specifically, our topic will be How Personality Differences Keep 60% of Your Readers From Taking the Action You Want, starting at 8pm Central! This #Blogchat will be sponsored by Team Real World, […]

Tweet39 Share Share +1Total Shares 39 UPDATE: Here’s the link to the transcript for tonight’s #Blogchat on Selling Products on Your Blog Tonight (7-12-15) we’ll be discussing How Do you Decide What Products to Sell on Your Blog!  A lot of you are interested in monetizing your blog, and sponsor Team Real World will help […]

Tweet40 Share1 Share +1Total Shares 41   UPDATE: Here’s the transcript to tonight’s #Blogchat I’m thrilled to announce that Team Real World will be sponsoring #Blogchat for the month of July!  Team Real World helps clients grow and improve their workplace culture and performance by training them how to better work together with effective tools […]

Tweet92 Share12 Share7 +188Total Shares 199 Update: Here’s the transcript from tonight’s #Blogchat with Jessica Northey! So let’s talk about Jessica Northey for a second.  She created #CMChat as a country music chat on Twitter, and has literally turned it into an empire.  It has its own website.  It has its own awards event.  She […]

Tweet40 Share2 Share3 +11Total Shares 46 UPDATE: Here’s the Hashtracking transcript from this #Blogchat. Tonight (5-24-2015) on #Blogchat we’ll be discussing How Your Business Can Tell Its Story With Blogging!  We’ll talk about what businesses should be sharing on their blogs, and what customers want to read.  And if you have some examples of company blogs […]

Tweet38 Share1 Share +1Total Shares 39 UPDATE: Here’s the Hashtracking transcript for tonight’s #Blogchat Tonight (5-17-2015) on #Blogchat we’ll be discussing Writing For Social Media!  We’ll talk about how and if you need to change your writing for promoting on social media sites, or if engagement on social media sites shapes the type of content […]

Tweet64 Share2 Share1 +1Total Shares 67 UPDATE: Here’s the link to tonight’s #Blogchat transcript Hey y’all!  Tonight (5-10-2015) at #Blogchat we’ll be chatting about writing for your readers.  All month we’ll be covering topics associated with improving your writing on your blog. And that’s because this month’s #Blogchat sponsor is the Marketing Writing Bootcamp from […]

Tweet25 Share1 Share3 +11Total Shares 30 Use the fares, Luke. #MayThe4thBeWithYou http://t.co/Bokzb1vJJO pic.twitter.com/B5xdtFehH3 — Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) May 4, 2015 Last night at #Blogchat we had an interesting discussion about finding your blogging voice and the importance of tone with the content you create.  Maybe it’s not completely accurate to talk about ‘finding’ your voice. […]

Tweet61 Share1 Share +1Total Shares 62 UPDATE: Here’s the transcript from tonight’s #Blogchat on your blogging voice and tone. I’m delighted to announce that MarketingProfs’ Marketing Writing Bootcamp is sponsoring #Blogchat in May!  They are also sponsoring The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show in May and June as well, so I’m thrilled to have them on board. Here’s […]

How We Can Work Together

by Mack Collier

Tweet15 Share Share10 +1Total Shares 25I’ve recently made some updates to the work-related content here so I thought it was a good time to remind you of how we can work together.  There are three main areas where I work with companies like yours: Speaking and Webinars: I’ve completely revamped my approach to speaking in […]