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Tweet Share14 Share13 +110Total Shares 37 Patagonia doesn’t market itself like your company does.  Patagonia spends almost no money on traditional advertising, and when it does, it typically does so in a way that makes its competitors shake their heads.  For example, a few years ago Patagonia ran an ad telling its customers not to […]


Tweet7 Share2 Share3 +11Total Shares 13Hey y’all, it’s time for another episode of #FanDamnShow!  In this 39th episode, I tackle a topic that a LOT of companies want answers to: How to more effectively connect with influencers.  So sit back for 12 mins of smartitude! Here’s where you can download and listen to the episode […]

Tweet21 Share2 Share3 +15Total Shares 31 For years, the big focus in social media marketing was finding ROI.  It still is, to a great degree.  But as more companies bought into using social media, a new problem developed: How do we create more social media content for our business?  Scratch that, how do we create […]

Tweet115 Share4 Share26 +11Total Shares 146For the last 10 years, marketers have been trying to leverage social media as a sales channel.  It’s been a messy proposition at best, due to how people use these social tools.  Social media tools are used by people to create and share content about themselves. But for smart companies, […]

Tweet157 Share34 Share27 +13Total Shares 221First, if you haven’t added Google Analytics to your blog, do so now.  It doesn’t matter if your blog is your business or nothing more than your online diary, you need to know more about the people that visit your blog.  GA is a great way to give you those […]

Tweet129 Share19 Share41 +13Total Shares 192Optimizing blog content for search engines has always been a moving target.  One constant in this evolution of how Google ranks content has been the keyword.  The rules governing how Google views keywords in posts has changed, but consistently the search giant has used keywords as one of its top […]

Tweet18 Share2 Share9 +11Total Shares 30Welcome back to the 4th week of the SEC Social Media Fan Experience.  Each week leading up to the start of the college football season, I’ll be looking at how the SEC teams are leveraging social media to connect with their fans.  After today we’ll be over halfway through the […]

Tweet9 Share Share +1Total Shares 9Welcome to the 36th episode of The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show! This week I talk about the five considerations in creating a Fan-Damn-Tastic Content Strategy! Before I get into the Show Notes, I wanted to say thank y’all for the continued support, last week’s episode on Creating Loyalty to Your Brand […]

Tweet18 Share3 Share6 +1Total Shares 27Every week through the start of the college football season on September 5th, I will be profiling how SEC teams are leveraging social media channels to connect with its fans.  Last week I looked at how the Florida Gators and Vanderbilt Commodores are using social media, this week I’ll show […]

Tweet19 Share24 Share29 +14Total Shares 76Over the next 6 weeks till the start of the college football season, I’ll be examining how the schools in the SEC are using social media to connect with their fans.  College football in the SEC is huge business, and the primary driver of revenue in the richest athletic conference […]

Tweet152 Share12 Share4 +18Total Shares 176One of the great allures of using social media is the promise that it gives companies a cheap and easy way to raise awareness for the company, as well as its products and services. But that phrase, ‘raise awareness’ is often assumed by companies to mean ‘free advertising’.  Too many […]