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Tweet137 Share10 Share3 +14 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 154One of the great allures of using social media is the promise that it gives companies a cheap and easy way to raise awareness for the company, as well as its products and services. But that phrase, ‘raise awareness’ is often assumed by companies to mean ‘free advertising’.  Too […]


Tweet213 Share192 Share93 +114 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 512After consulting with clients of all sizes over the last decade, I’m ready to take on a larger role at one company. Helping companies to launch marketing plans is rewarding, but I’d love to see the results of the strategies I implemented, and evolve them as the brand grows. As […]


Tweet396 Share104 Share72 +117 Pin1TOTAL SHARES 590 For most of us, we write a new blog post, then maybe we share it on Twitter and Facebook, and hope for the best.  We tell ourselves that ‘good content will find an audience.’ But is that really true?  Can we realistically expect to spend 30 mins writing […]

Tweet40 Share2 Share3 +11 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 46 UPDATE: Here’s the Hashtracking transcript from this #Blogchat. Tonight (5-24-2015) on #Blogchat we’ll be discussing How Your Business Can Tell Its Story With Blogging!  We’ll talk about what businesses should be sharing on their blogs, and what customers want to read.  And if you have some examples of company […]

Tweet17 Share6 Share1 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 24Hey y’all! Welcome to the 25th episode of #FanDamnShow! In today’s episode I talk about the four things your company should do to create a blog that readers love! But before I get into the Show Notes, a special thank you to MarketingProfs for becoming The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show’s […]

Tweet24 Share16 Share27 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 67 In one week I will be in Gulf Shores presenting Think Like a Rock Star to a group of smart tourism professionals from the Gulf Coast.  Whenever I present to an industry-specific group, I tailor my case studies to include examples from their space.  A couple weeks ago […]

Tweet23 Share1 Share0 +11 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 25 Use the fares, Luke. #MayThe4thBeWithYou — Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) May 4, 2015 Last night at #Blogchat we had an interesting discussion about finding your blogging voice and the importance of tone with the content you create.  Maybe it’s not completely accurate to talk about ‘finding’ your […]

Tweet15 Share0 Share10 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 25I’ve recently made some updates to the work-related content here so I thought it was a good time to remind you of how we can work together.  There are three main areas where I work with companies like yours: Speaking and Webinars: I’ve completely revamped my approach to speaking […]

Tweet37 Share8 Share20 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 65 Or do we simply need to change our expectations for engagement around the content we create? Last year when I decided to launch The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show, I tried to focus on how I could make my podcast different to help it stand out from everyone else that […]

Tweet34 Share6 Share6 +13 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 49On April 1st, a BMW dealership in New Zealand ran a newspaper ad.  At the bottom, it added an ‘April Fool’s Day Special’ coupon.  The coupon said that the first person to bring the coupon in and ask for ‘Tom’, would be able to trade their old car in […]

Tweet56 Share8 Share3 +14 Pin100TOTAL SHARES 171The other night during #Blogchat, Josh left these tweets about his business: So Josh is in a situation where he is shifting from providing dog training services, to focusing on manufacturing products for dog owners and likely dog trainers.  He wants to know how to create content that promotes […]