Customer Service

Tweet Share13 Share20 +13Total Shares 36“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson Let’s say you get this comment on your Facebook page about your all-purpose cleaner: “This product sucks.  It works on vinyl ok but did nothing to the stains in my carpet, I sprayed it on and […]


Tweet248 Share218 Share98 +114Total Shares 578After consulting with clients of all sizes over the last decade, I’m ready to take on a larger role at one company. Helping companies to launch marketing plans is rewarding, but I’d love to see the results of the strategies I implemented, and evolve them as the brand grows. As of […]

Tweet23 Share Share6 +1Total Shares 29View post on Lady Gaga was performing a concert and staying at a hotel in that city. As usually happens, her hardcore fans figured out which hotel she was in, and lined up outside hoping she would come and meet with them, which she did.  One of the people […]

Tweet8 Share Share +1Total Shares 8Hey y’all! Welcome to the 21st episode of #Fandamnshow! Today I talk to you about how to respond to complaints from customers online and turn them into raving fans of your brand! This topic is SO misunderstood by brands, so I wanted to spend an episode walking you through the […]

Tweet92 Share49 Share30 +15Total Shares 176 Seriously, what are brands thinking today?  And I’m not even talking about the ones that throw a pool party for their customers that involves knockout-gassing them.  Specifically, I want to talk about two brands that recently launched campaigns to engage with their customers at the point of sale, and […]

Tweet10 Share Share +1Total Shares 10 Hey y’all! Welcome to the 19th episode of The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show! In this episode I talk about the value of your unhappy customers (don’t you love that quote?).  Unhappy customers are such an amazing source of vital business feedback that is often overlooked.  We’ll talk about harnessing that […]

Tweet15 Share Share2 +1Total Shares 17Hey y’all!  Welcome to the 15th episode of The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show! In this episode we will delve into the idea that ‘The Customer is Always Right’, and look at two examples when this might not be the case.    If you enjoy this episode then please subscribe on iTunes! […]

Tweet Share4 Share20 +11Total Shares 25Consider these customer service/satisfaction facts: Americans tell an average of 9 people about a good experience with a company, and 16 people about a bad experience. Roughly 80% of all tweets related to a customer service issue with a company, are negative. But think about how this applies to you: […]

Tweet8 Share13 Share3 +1Total Shares 24Just like not every company should be using social media, not every company should or can launch a Brand Ambassador program.  There are certain conditions that need to exist within your company before you can start planning out taking the leap of launching a Brand Ambassador program.  Here’s five things […]

Tweet Share7 Share +1Total Shares 7I love Patagonia’s content marketing and I love its blog The Cleanest Line.  Recently, Patagonia took to its blog to address customer complaints about its shipping.  And the post ended up being pretty popular, in fact customers commented thanking Patagonia for the post!  Learn what Patagonia did on the fifth […]

Tweet13 Share30 Share26 +110Total Shares 79Sooner or later, your brand will receive a negative comment or bad review. Some posts will come from actual customers, others from competitors hoping to poach your customers. Still others will come from trolls: people who have never bought from you, will never buy from you, and seemingly have nothing […]