Tweet58 Share28 Share4 +12 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 92 Facebook has once again tweaked its News Feed algorithm and the change will alter how often content from brands appears in News Feeds from people that have Liked that brand’s page.  This post seems to write itself 2-3 times a year, doesn’t it? The newest changes, which rolled out […]

Tweet0 Share191 Share104 +138 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 333 For brands that rely on using Facebook to reach customers, the hand-wringing just went up a notch.  Time and other sources have recently reported that Facebook’s plan is to restrict a brand’s ability to organically reach followers down to 1 or 2%.  That means that eventually, only 1 […]

Tweet0 Share106 Share21 +126 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 153 A couple of weeks ago, Facebook altered the algorithm that determines what content you see in your News Feed (and no, you’re not seeing everything from your friends or the pages you Like).  Previously, content from friends/Pages that you had Liked or interacted with previously were more likely […]

Tweet0 Share89 Share66 +127 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 182 I was doing some research for a client and found a few of these stats, so I started doing some digging and pulled together the rest, and had a good friend (thanks Kerry!) send me some links as well.  Enjoy! Social Media User Behavior Facebook is still the […]

Tweet0 Share5 Share1 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 6As most of you know, I’ve been working on Think Like a Rock Star with McGraw-Hill since last May.  But over the last few months I’ve been closely following the progression of Ekaterina Walter’s book Think Like Zuck, since Ekaterina is not only a good friend, but she’s also […]

Tweet0 Share54 Share9 +18 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 71If you use Facebook, you’ve been there.  Either you post a goofy picture that you THINK is only going to your ‘Close Friends’ and it ends up being shared with the world, or someone tags you in a photo that goes public when they didn’t intent it to.  It’s […]

Tweet0 Share44 Share7 +18 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 59Over the past few months I’ve been spending a lot more time on Facebook, actually I’ve been spending more time there than on Twitter.  As a result, I’ve seen how a lot of different brands and organizations are attempting to build engagement with the people that are following their […]

Tweet7 Share8 Share32 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 47Facebook did a study in 2012 to determine what type of content drives engagement on its brand pages.  From the study: “We examined four weeks of Page posts, across 23 brands and six industries and divided the posts into three types of content: Messages about the product or service Travel […]

Tweet0 Share21 Share29 +11 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 51 I’ve been using a computer since 1983, and have been active in online communities and sites since the late 1980s.  I’ve seen everything from Prodigy and CompuServe to AOL and MySpace come and go as THE popular online destination.  But none of these sites could even sniff the […]

Tweet0 Share13 Share26 +13 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 42 I am obsessed with the Real-Time feature that Google Analytics added a few months ago, and am constantly checking it throughout the day.  It shows you how many visitors are active on your site at any moment, as well as what page they are viewing, and how they […]

Tweet0 Share14 Share25 +118 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 57I recently read an emarketer article on a study BRANDfog did into how employees viewed their CEO, if the CEO tweeted. The study found that 51% of employees were more likely to trust a CEO that tweeted, while another 31% were much more likely to trust their CEO, if they […]