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Tweet Share22 Share24 +13Total Shares 49According to new research from eMarketer, the majority of mobile shoppers are under the age of 44 (78%) and Female (53.4%).  The article also referenced a study done by Payvision that found that 57% of retailers worldwide experienced major mcommerce growth in 2014, and that figure increased to 79% for […]

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Tweet248 Share218 Share98 +114Total Shares 578After consulting with clients of all sizes over the last decade, I’m ready to take on a larger role at one company. Helping companies to launch marketing plans is rewarding, but I’d love to see the results of the strategies I implemented, and evolve them as the brand grows. As of […]

Tweet62 Share14 Share7 +11Total Shares 84UPDATE: Here’s the link to the transcript for this #Blogchat. Tonight at #Blogchat (4-12-2015) we will be discussing the changes that Google is about to roll out that are aimed at rewarding sites that are Mobile Friendly.  These changes will start to take affect on 4-21-2015, or Tuesday of next […]

Tweet Share Share1 +12Total Shares 3 Yesterday’s post from Kerry on a Ford Blogger Outreach program she’s involved with led to a fascinating discussion in the comments on tracking the effectiveness of marketing channels in driving sales.  Thanks to Jerome, Hugh and Kevin for chiming in with their thoughts.  The point was made that it […]

Tweet Share9 Share3 +12Total Shares 14 Most companies have completely missed the enormous business potential of the marriage of social media and mobile devices.  As smartphone ownership continues to approach ubiquitous levels, marketers are salivating at the opportunity to market to customers at home or on the go. This is where most marketers tripped over the […]

Tweet Share6 Share5 +12Total Shares 13 Today Entrepreneur ran an article on FourSquare’s new ‘passive check-in’ feature where, apparently, when you are in proximity to a business, your phone will receive tips and information about the business. Immediately, you can see how this feature could hold great potential for creating value for members, as well […]

Tweet Share21 Share2 +117Total Shares 40I’ve written about how much I love WPTouch before, but I wanted to sing the plugin’s praises again here.  WPTouch optimizes your blog for viewing on mobile devices such as smartphones.  Those of us that use our smartphones to read blogs know how terrible it is to try to read […]

Tweet9 Share10 Share2 +15Total Shares 26 Over the past 5 years or so, there has been a rush by companies to understand how to use social media tools.  Customers are using these tools, so brands rationalize that they need to learn how to use these tools to better sell to those customers via those tools. […]

Tweet Share22 Share8 +111Total Shares 41Oh how I love quick and easy solutions!  I’ve been meaning to make a mobile-friendly version of this blog for a while now, and it just stayed buried on my To-Do list.  Then a couple of weeks ago I was out and I checked Facebook on my iPhone and someone […]

Tweet Share4 Share8 +1Total Shares 12 Starting next Wednesday, I’ll be running a weekly newsletter in addition to (almost) daily posts here.  The content focus will be slightly different, however. Here, I cover Social Media primarily, but a blend of content that can benefit the individual, as well as those that are using Social Media […]

Tweet19 Share607 Share281 +1139Total Shares 1K Two years ago I wrote a post entitled So How Much Will a Social Media Strategy Cost, which was designed to give businesses and organizations an idea of how much they should expect to pay consultants and agencies for basic social media marketing services.  As you might expect, that […]