Social Media Monitoring

Reaching a More Connected Customer Requires a More Connected Company

January 7, 2014

Over the Holidays I was reading an issue of the Wall-Street Journal about how companies are leveraging Twitter to improve its marketing.  Companies that sell cold medicines and items, especially those related to treating the flu, are closely monitoring Twitter.  They are tracking instances of people complaining on Twitter about having flu symptoms such as […]

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How to Use TweetDeck As a Brand Monitoring Platform For Twitter

November 25, 2013

It’s deceptively easy to monitor your brand and industry mentions online.  Sure, you can do some amazingly sophisticated and valuable breakdowns with expensive monitoring suites, but for the average brand a lot of their basic monitoring needs can be covered by free tools.  In this post I wanted to walk you through how you can […]

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Subscribe to My Social Media Marketing Newsletter!

March 22, 2012

Starting next Wednesday, I’ll be running a weekly newsletter in addition to (almost) daily posts here.  The content focus will be slightly different, however. Here, I cover Social Media primarily, but a blend of content that can benefit the individual, as well as those that are using Social Media for their company.  But this newsletter […]

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How Much Does Social Media Cost Companies in 2012?

January 3, 2012

Two years ago I wrote a post entitled So How Much Will a Social Media Strategy Cost, which was designed to give businesses and organizations an idea of how much they should expect to pay consultants and agencies for basic social media marketing services.  As you might expect, that post was insanely popular, so I […]

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Social Media Consulting Marketing Packages to Jumpstart Your Business in 2012!

December 19, 2011

If your company is like most around the country, you’ve probably been planning your marketing and communication efforts for 2012 for a while now.  To help you get a leg-up on these efforts, I wanted to give y’all some special discounts on some of my Social Media Marketing consulting services!  Please note, these prices are […]

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Why Social Media Measurement Fails Most Companies

December 12, 2011

Because they measure what’s available, instead of what benefits their company. For example, let’s say your small business launches a Twitter account this afternoon.  How will you measure the success of that account?  By measuring number of followers, of course!  And if you want to get really spiffy, you could also track how many RTs […]

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#Blogchat LIVE video plus info on my Social Media and Blog Strategy Audits

July 29, 2011

One of the ‘problems’ I am running into when I talk to event organizers and potential sponsors about doing a LIVE #Blogchat is that it’s sometimes difficult for them to understand what a LIVE version of a Twitter chat would look like.  I try telling them that a buncha smart people get in a room […]

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10 Things to Remember When Creating a Brand Ambassador Program

July 26, 2011

Ready to launch a Brand Ambassador Program for your company? Email me to learn how. Last week in Austin as the #DellCAP reunion wrapped up, Dell asked attendees what the ‘next steps’ should be.  The majority of the feedback the attendees gave was that they wanted Dell to ‘help us help you‘.  Which presents Dell […]

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How to Add Google +1 Button to Your WordPress Blog and Track Social Media Engagement With Google Analytics

July 7, 2011

Now that everyone is rushing to get into Google Plus, you are going to see a lot more sites and blogs adding the +1 button.  I added it here last week, and the process is easy as pie.  It’s done via a plugin, here is the page for the one I used.  You can either […]

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Delta’s latest PR episode details the need to engage your brand advocates

June 10, 2011

Steve Woodruff started an interesting discussion at his place about the latest PR quagmire that Delta Airlines finds itself in.  Apparently, some soldiers brought 4 bags onto their flights home, and were charged for those 4th bags, as per Delta’s policy.  The soldiers were assuming that they would not have to pay for the 4th […]

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Online Influence Is More Than Just Social Media Activity

June 2, 2011

I logged into Klout this morning, and was greeted by this pop-up ‘warning’.  It tells me that my Klout score is dropping, and that I can raise it by sharing more content, and engaging with my network. Klout adds this explanation for what its score means: “The Klout Score is the measurement of your overall […]

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