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Tweet Share4 Share28 +1Total Shares 32It’s because you aren’t seeing the results you want, or because you don’t know what those results should be.  Right?  Because if social media was working for your business, you’d make a bigger commitment to using it. Believe it or not, I get it.  I’ve been using social media for […]


Tweet Share12 Share9 +15Total Shares 26A new article from eMarketer sheds light on how popular Social Employee Advocacy Programs are becoming.  These are programs where employees are encouraged to promote their brand via social media.  You can immediately see why it would be popular with many companies. In crafting such programs, it is important for […]


Tweet Share32 Share10 +13Total Shares 45A few years ago I took my Acura to a Honda dealer to have them change the oil and rotate the tires.  About an hour later, the service manager comes out with a clipboard and I ask him “How’s everything look?” “Ho boy!”, he exclaims.  “You’re going to end up […]

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Tweet74 Share26 Share59 +11Total Shares 160I check my Twitter notifications way more than I should.  Recently, I checked Twitter and didn’t see any new notifications.  I did some other work and came back just a few minutes later and was shocked at what I saw. 25 new notifications on Twitter.  That meant in just a […]

Tweet21 Share2 Share3 +15Total Shares 31 For years, the big focus in social media marketing was finding ROI.  It still is, to a great degree.  But as more companies bought into using social media, a new problem developed: How do we create more social media content for our business?  Scratch that, how do we create […]

Tweet18 Share3 Share6 +1Total Shares 27Every week through the start of the college football season on September 5th, I will be profiling how SEC teams are leveraging social media channels to connect with its fans.  Last week I looked at how the Florida Gators and Vanderbilt Commodores are using social media, this week I’ll show […]

Tweet19 Share24 Share29 +14Total Shares 76Over the next 6 weeks till the start of the college football season, I’ll be examining how the schools in the SEC are using social media to connect with their fans.  College football in the SEC is huge business, and the primary driver of revenue in the richest athletic conference […]

Tweet248 Share218 Share98 +114Total Shares 578After consulting with clients of all sizes over the last decade, I’m ready to take on a larger role at one company. Helping companies to launch marketing plans is rewarding, but I’d love to see the results of the strategies I implemented, and evolve them as the brand grows. As of […]

Tweet10 Share Share +1Total Shares 10Hey y’all! Welcome to the 30th episode of #FanDamnShow! In this episode I talk a bit about finding the ROI of your social media marketing or brand advocacy efforts and how to structure the measurement process. But first a reminder that this episode is brought to you by the Marketing Writing Bootcamp, […]

Tweet8 Share Share +1Total Shares 8Hey y’all! Welcome to the 28th episode of #FanDamnShow! In today’s episode I give you 10 quick tips for creating fans via social media.  This is perfect if your business is just getting started using social media and want to quickly ramp up your efforts. But before I get into […]

Tweet25 Share1 Share3 +11Total Shares 30 Use the fares, Luke. #MayThe4thBeWithYou — Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) May 4, 2015 Last night at #Blogchat we had an interesting discussion about finding your blogging voice and the importance of tone with the content you create.  Maybe it’s not completely accurate to talk about ‘finding’ your voice. […]