Think Like a Rockstar

Tweet399 Share104 Share72 +121 Pin1TOTAL SHARES 597 For most of us, we write a new blog post, then maybe we share it on Twitter and Facebook, and hope for the best.  We tell ourselves that ‘good content will find an audience.’ But is that really true?  Can we realistically expect to spend 30 mins writing […]

Tweet24 Share0 Share0 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 24Hey y’all!  Welcome to the 24th episode of The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show!  In today’s episode I talk about Amanda Palmer leverages social media to create and cultivate fans, and also what your brand can learn from her efforts.  I am mention a recent Forbes article where Amanda talked about […]

Tweet182 Share2 Share25 +12 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 211When I started writing Think Like a Rock Star, I began to research how it is that rock stars can so easily create and cultivate fans.  I wanted to know how they do it, but more importantly, I wanted to know if they had a system or methodology that […]

Tweet93 Share25 Share28 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 146Did you notice something about the commercials for this year’s Super Bowl?  Besides the fact that this was a pretty weak crop of ads, the few that did stand out had something in common.  These spots weren’t really about a product as much as they were about passions and […]

Tweet0 Share7 Share9 +12 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 18Welcome to the 12th episode of The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show!  BTW before I get to the Show Notes for this episode, thank y’all for making last Tuesday the best day for downloads of the show at 66 downloads!  That’s the best in the history of the show since it […]

Tweet3 Share4 Share15 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 22 Watch this video.  Now. Then forward it to your boss and ask her “What would our business look like if our customers loved us that much?” Or maybe the better question to ask is, “Why don’t we love our customers as much as Taylor Swift loves her fans?” […]

Tweet0 Share1 Share5 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 6Happy New Year. y’all!  Welcome to the ninth episode of The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show!  In this episode I talk about the power of momentum, what it allows us to do once we have it and why it proves so elusive to build and sustain.  At least it is for […]

Tweet0 Share0 Share0 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 0I am currently in the middle of business planning for 2015.  I have three main revenue streams: Speaking, consulting/advisement, and writing.  In 2013 my first business book, Think Like a Rock Star was published.  One of the reasons why I was excited about writing a book was the assumption […]

Tweet8 Share13 Share3 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 24Just like not every company should be using social media, not every company should or can launch a Brand Ambassador program.  There are certain conditions that need to exist within your company before you can start planning out taking the leap of launching a Brand Ambassador program.  Here’s five […]

Tweet22 Share14 Share17 +10 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 53Every week I field calls and conversations with companies about starting a brand ambassador or advocacy program.  Almost every time, the company explains that they are excited about the idea of launching a brand ambassador program as a way to generate sales for the brand.  They tell me how […]

Tweet0 Share46 Share30 +15 Pin0TOTAL SHARES 81A few years ago, the band Blink 182 was getting ready to release its new single.  It went to YouTube and found thousands of instances where fans of the band were illegally using its music in homemade videos. The band cataloged over 100,000 instances of copyright infringement by its […]