Clients and Testimonials



“Mack’s expertise in social media is widely known & respected. When we invited him to help facilitate a customer event, we knew that his integrity, reputation, commitment to his customers, & knowledge would make for a great partnership. We were right. Our customers trusted him to be fair, honest, but also ask the tough questions. Our event was a success & we continue to value to his ideas about building stronger customer relationships.” – Michelle Brigman, Director Social Media Listening and Engagement Operations, Dell


“We were looking for a complete audit of our social media endeavors as a first step toward generating a larger presence. Mack gave us the insight we needed to determine what our competitors are doing, especially what they are doing well. He made recommendations for specific ways Red Lion Hotels could engage more with its audience. These were exactly the tools we needed to move to the next level of social engagement.” – Pam Scott, Director of Corporate Communications, Red Lion Hotels

“Mack’s dedication to helping achieve goals goes unrivaled. He was brilliant at quickly assessing’s needs in order to tailor actionable steps that we could move forward with quickly. He’s a true brand asset and we look forward to working with Mack again in the near future.” – Kelly Hungerford, Marketing Director,


“When it comes to using technology to bring the community of your customers closer together, there simply isn’t a more creative visionary than Mack Collier.

His talent lies not just in his ability to create ideas and content to bring the web alive with buzz, but in the way he takes complex issues and boils them down to simple concepts and strategies that anyone can understand and implement. Any company with the foresight to empower Mack and his ideas within their community will find that they are blazing trails in the worlds of web marketing, and customer relationship-building.” – Jordan Behan, Storyteller Lead, HootSuite


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