Have You Pre-Ordered Think Like A Rock Star Yet?

by Mack Collier

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Right now, Amazon is running a sale on Think Like A Rock Star, for only $14.36!  That’s the lowest price Amazon has had for Think Like A Rock Star, and the best part is if you’ve already pre-ordered the book, you’ll now get it at this price!  Amazon will price-match the lowest price on any item you pre-order, which means the price you pay for the book can only go down!

BTW Amazon Prime members will also get free 2-day shipping!  If you’ve been thinking about buying Think Like A Rock Star, please go ahead and pre-order it, you will be greatly helping the book be a success.  More pre-orders impact how much shelf-space retailers will give the book, as well as its placement on bestseller lists, which also impacts how many copies retailer buy.

Plus, its a pretty kick-ass book 😉  Final edits are going to my editor this week, as well as Kathy Sierra’s foreword.  Then the manuscript will go to a copy editor, and the process will be done in a couple of months!  After the manuscript goes to my copy editor, I’ll give y’all a more complete breakdown of exactly what is in the book.

So please pre-order your copy of Think Like A Rock Star!  Thank you SO much!


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