Heading to MarketingProfs B2B Forum & Social Brand Forum in October

by Mack Collier

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Wanted to let y’all know about a couple of events I’ll be speaking at in October.  The first is the MarketingProfs B2B Forum in Boston on October the 3rd through the 5th.  On the 4th we’ll cap off the first full day with a LIVE #Blogchat!  The LIVE #Blogchat is only open to B2B Forum attendees, so if you want to attend, use code BLOGCHAT to get a $200 discount on registration!  If you’ve never attended a LIVE #Blogchat, they are a blast.  It’s all the #Blogchat, without all the Twitter 😉

BTW Marketing Profs is also looking for a sponsor for the Live #Blogchat.  If your company is looking for a way to get involved in the B2B Forum this is a killer opportunity to not only be associated with a stellar event, but to help make the Live #Blogchat possible.  Remember there will be a ton of brand marketers and small/medium business owners in attendance, so if you want to reach those crowds, a LIVE #Blogchat sponsorship makes a ton of sense.  If you’re interested in learning more about terms and pricing, please email me and I’ll connect you with MarketingProfs so they can help you out.

Marketing Profs always puts on a great event, and once again has a killer speaker lineup.  Hope to see everyone there!

The second event I’ll be speaking at in October is the Social Brand Forum in Iowa.  I’ll be delivering Think Like a Rock Star for the first time as a keynote, and it looks like for the first time since completing the book.  Ann Handley and DJ Waldow will also be keynoting plus there will also be a LIVE #Blogchat at the Social Brand Forum as well!  Perhaps the best part is the rate is just $195 for the first 100 registrations plus that will get you a copy of Think Like a Rock Star PLUS Ann’s book Content Rules PLUS DJ’s new book Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing!

As for Think Like a Rock Star, I am thankfully almost done writing it!  The manuscript is due to McGraw-Hill on September 10th, and I am finishing up the final chapters now.  It has been an incredibly rewarding/inspiring/frustrating/exhausting process, all at the same time 😉  So look for semi-regular blogging here to resume in the next couple of weeks, I’ve missed y’all!

Ayi Bunbun September 1, 2012 at 6:52 am

Why can’t your blog share on twitter, Mark?

Mack Collier September 1, 2012 at 10:38 am

Hey Ayi! If you click the ‘T’ button or Tweet buttons above, it will send a tweet to Twitter with the link to this post. Thanks!

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