How Bloggers Can Protect Themselves Online: Tonight’s #Blogchat Topic With Kerry Gorgone!

by Mack Collier


Here’s the transcript of tonight’s #Blogchat, click Transcript on the left!

Tonight (Nov. 3rd, 2013) we’ll be tackling a couple of legal areas of blogging that have always been requested at #Blogchat.  The one and only Kerry Gorgone will be joining us to discuss blogger disclosure rules as well as how to protect our work, especially if its stolen.  Tonight’s #Blogchat is sponsored by, please follow them on Twitter and check out their blog!

To prep for tonight’s topic, there’s two posts by Kerry that I want you to read and BOTH are bookmark-worthy.  Seriously you will want to save both of these posts and if you work for a blogging company you’ll want to share them with your team internally.

The first is a post on disclosure rules that Kerry wrote on her blog.  This covers exactly what you need to disclose when working with companies and how to do so.

The second is a guest post that Kerry wrote for us here on Friday covering how to protect your works online.  Please read both and make sure you are following Kerry on Twitter!

Here’s the schedule for tonight’s chat:

8:00 pm-8:30pm Central – How to Protect Your Content Online.  This for everyone that’s wondered what their options are when they see someone has published their post without the blogger’s permission, or is using a photo without permission, etc.

8:30 pm-9:00pm Central – Blogger disclosure rules.  If you are taking sponsors or working with companies, how do you disclose that relationship via social media?  Do you always have to?  Kerry will explain all!


I think this might be the most informative #Blogchat ever so make SURE you get your list of questions together for Kerry.  I’ll be posting the transcript here after #Blogchat so you can have that as well.

And make SURE you have turned your clocks back so you arrive on time.  See y’all tonight!

rhonda hurwitz November 4, 2013 at 11:59 am

Hi — great post, Kerry … so sorry to miss this chat! In the battle of blogger v. scrapers, plagiarists and the ignorant, interested in hearing about the “artillery” that you use. Hashtracking report, here I come

–rhonda for

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