Jay Baer Co-Hosting #Blogchat Tonight Discussing Youtility and Blogging!

by Mack Collier

JayBaerTonight at 8pm Central, Jay Baer will join #Blogchat to co-host and talk about his new book Youtility, which launches this week!  Here’s what we’ll be discussing:

From 8:00-8:15PM, Jay will talk about Youtility and what it means for your marketing and your business (it also applies to anyone that creates content).

From 8:15-8:45PM, Jay will teach us how to apply Youtility to our blogging efforts.  This will be especially valuable if you are trying to decide what to blog about and how to create more engaging content.

From 8:45-9:00PM, Jay will talk about his book Youtility.  I’ve just started reading an advance copy and it’s very interesting, I’m looking forward to learning more about it from Jay tonight!

Here’s a great primer post on Youtility from Jay.

So the fun starts at 8pm Central, tonight!  Hope to see you there and make sure you are following Jay on Twitter!

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