OverBlog is #Blogchat’s September Sponsor Plus the Topics For All Five Sundays!

by Mack Collier

I’m very excited to announce that OverBlog will be sponsoring #Blogchat in September!  OverBlog is a service that pulls together your social media content from multiple sources (your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc) and organizes it together on one page!  For an example, here’s Robert Scoble’s Overblog page.  I am looking forward to playing with it and think it could be great for a brand or marketer that wants to establish thought leadership around a particular topic.

Additionally we will have not one, not two but THREE co-hosts in September!  Here’s the entire lineup for this month (see this is another advantage to bringing on sponsors, it forces me to set the topics ahead of time ;)):

September 2nd – Topic: Getting your blog and social media content organized and filtered.  Co-hosted by List.ly co-founder Nick Kellet!  This will be great for those of us that are struggling to manage all our social media presences all over the net.  How much is too much?  Nick will help us figure out how to get organized!

September 9th – Topic: How small and medium-sized businesses can effectively use blogging to built its brand and we’ll also address time management (how do I make time for blogging and social media?)

September 16th – Topic: How bloggers can and should handle disclosure on their blog. Co-hosted by CMP.LY CMO Neil Glassman!

September 23rd – Topic: How to turn your blog posts into a book or ebook. Co-hosted by Lisa Petrilli!

September 30th – OPEN MIC!

So there you have it, the entire lineup for September PLUS thanks again to OverBlog for sponsoring!  I’m excited to meet their team that will also be one of the sponsors for the Social Brand Forum in October where I will keynoting Think Like a Rock Star.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, see you Sunday night at 8pm Central!

Linda Sherman September 2, 2012 at 1:25 pm

Great idea to post all the topics for the month here Mack! On Sept 9th “tie management”?

I do have an OverBlog. Thanks to their presence at NMX (formerly BlogWorld) NYC 2012.

Allow me to give this warning to newbies. You can pull your social media feeds onto your OverBlog. What you cannot do is RSS an existing blog. The word import means to actually transfer your blog to them. It will change the permalink of each of your existing blogs to theirs.
Obviously you wouldn’t want to think about doing something like that until you have used Overblog for a while.

So what happened is that I did put import a blog to OverBlog and asked them to help me get it all deleted out (duplicate content risk). I now see that 14 pages of “comments” is still there. Need your help again guys and girls at OverBlog. Thank you!

Don’t get confused by “Kiwi” showing up on your OverBlog permalinks. It is their admin interface.

On the topic of using sharing platforms. I actually enjoyed Posterous for years. I have a second Posterous account that I left on my name that I haven’t used yet which I would then use for Posterous and I am thinking about taking the Posterous account that I bought a domain from Posterous for and putting it on WordPress. I know that Posterous welcomed importing FROM WordPress. I don’t know how it will be to try to go the other direction.

One issue is that I discovered that the way putting a domain AskLindaSherman.com onto Posterous works is that each of my blog posts there is a redirect from LindaShermanGordon.Posterous.com where in retrospect I wish I had left it.

I just went through my Posterous and my last big post was March 2011. After that I started posting through Instagram or just doing little things. I went through a period then of trying to get my Tumblr going by posting more narrative posts there.

So as you can guess, I have no intention of sticking a domain name on my Overblog. I use my own name whenever I can. It is my Twitter name etc. So it makes sense to use it for these blogging platforms.

My OverBlog – LindaSherman.overblog.com

Note that I left Tumblr on my name. LindaSherman.Tumblr.com

I just tried to log into OverBlog. It’s been a while – since June. I thought I had written the password down correctly but apparently not so I tried the Facebook log in (I DID connect to Facebook on my OverBlog) and got:

This webpage has a redirect loop. The webpage at https://connect.over-blog-kiwi.com/en/facebook/login?_target_path=….has resulted in too many redirects. Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects.

OK everyone can run into problems with Facebook. But my experience in June was hitting bugs. By now, the platform should be in better shape. So I do want to get on in time for tonight’s #BlogChat for sure.

Mack Collier September 2, 2012 at 1:54 pm

Thanks for the feedback Linda, and it’s time management, not tie management 😉 I changed the post. I am going to start playing around with OverBlog this month, it looks like it could be a good way to curate your content, especially around more niche topics maybe? Looking forward to hearing what others think!

AmyV September 3, 2012 at 7:45 pm

Hey Linda –

That’s diametrically opposed to my experience w/Overblog. I’ve made a few missteps with mine, but completely due to not using proper filters when importing various feeds and importing more than I wanted.

I’ve not hit any bugs in using it, and we plan to convert our existing blog over to Overblog at Internet Media Labs once we relaunch our site (easier to do it all at once, natch).

Keep in mind that Overblog has been a popular blogging platform in Europe for six or seven years. It’s not new. Its social integration is relatively new, but Overblog itself is new only to the U.S.

Linda Sherman September 4, 2012 at 1:20 am

Fred is saying there will be many improvements in a significant new release in 2 weeks.

I’m not clear why you would prefer OverBlog to WordPress for your company blog. Can you please tell me a bit more. If you are working on a project with them, then I completely understand.

With the many thousands of plug-ins including premium plug-ins that WordPress has, it would be a big step for a company to make this switch for a key business website. I can see using it for a secondary blogging platform as I wrote about here: http://lindasherman.overblog.com/overblog-and-secondary-blogging-platforms on Sunday night just before BlogChat. I am now interacting with Fred who has kindly answered me there.

I admit I haven’t learned to use it well, but currently I can’t see where to add SEO meta tags to posts. It is not easy to see where to “save draft” or “edit post”. Commenting is quirky (no link to Gravatar, doesn’t see I am signed in to my own site).

I have worked as an executive for a number of European companies (Club Med, Barilla) so I have had some exposure to their internet strategies.

Linda Sherman September 2, 2012 at 1:58 pm

Just posted first blog post on OverBlog. Couldn’t find “save to draft” and then after publishing couldn’t find “edit post” but I’m back on it after tennis. Look forward to seeing everyone tonight!

Lisa Larranaga September 11, 2012 at 5:50 pm

Hi Mack!

This is very exciting; congrats! We will definitely be at the Sept. 16 chat. Marked in pen on my calendar!

See you then!

Linda Sherman October 9, 2012 at 2:40 pm

Jason Falls appropriately acknowledges his sponsorship from OverBlog here. http://www.socialmediaexplorer.com/social-media-marketing/free-advice-for-new-bloggers/

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