Giving Fans Backstage Access: How Is Embracing Its Users

January 29, 2015

Almost a year ago, my friend Kelly Hungerford contacted me about working with to help the company build structures to help it more efficiently connect with its users and create value for them. has a pretty devoted userbase, and a big reason why is because of the personalized customer service (or ‘customer care’ […]

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The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show Episode 13: How to Start a Brand Ambassador Program

January 27, 2015

Welcome to the 13th episode of The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show!  Today’s episode is about the ideal starting point for your brand ambassador program.  If you enjoy the show please consider leaving a review on iTunes, it really helps! Show Notes: 0:45 – Thank you to Patricia Oliver, Todd Burgess and Jenny Schmitt for listening and […]

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Using Twitter’s Analytics to Create More Engaging Content

January 21, 2015

So this year I’ve been spending a lot of time analyzing the analytics that Twitter provides me for my tweets.  You can click on that link and find the analytics for your own account.  It shows you the Impressions, Retweets, Favorites, and Link Clicks for your tweets.  It’s also a great tool to help you […]

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The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show Episode 12: Saying ‘Thank You’ As a Marketing Strategy

January 20, 2015

Welcome to the 12th episode of The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show!  BTW before I get to the Show Notes for this episode, thank y’all for making last Tuesday the best day for downloads of the show at 66 downloads!  That’s the best in the history of the show since it was launched last May!  Thanks to […]

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The Most Boring Answer to the ‘How Do I Build Traffic to Our Blog?’ Question

January 15, 2015

You create more content.  It’s funny how there’s usually a very simple answer to the questions that everyone has.  The problem is that very simple answer typically requires some very hard work by you. But if we are talking about building traffic for your blog, more content is the way to go.  It doesn’t matter […]

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Converting at the Speed of Your Customers

January 14, 2015

One of the struggles that companies have always had with social media marketing is balancing the functions and sometimes even limitations of the tools, with the company’s need to drive sales and increase revenue.  As I have said before, social media really doesn’t function well as a direct-sales tool.  Social media definitely plays a role […]

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The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show Episode 11: Three Ways to Create Content Your Customers Will Love

January 13, 2015

Hey y’all, welcome to the 11th episode of The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show! Today I discuss three simple ways to create more customer-centric content!  I hope you enjoy it! Show Notes: 0:45 – Special thank-you to Robyn Wright, Kelly Hungerford and Kerry O’Shea Gorgone. 2:00 – Three simple ways you can create content your customers will […]

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My Content Creation Goals For 2015

January 8, 2015

One of the areas I struggle with every year is creating a consistent stream of content, especially here on this blog.  Invariably, at the first of the year I have more time to post because work is slower, and then when work picks up in the Spring, Summer and Fall months, I put the blog […]

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The One Thing We ALL Need to Stop Doing in 2015

January 7, 2015

Also: are all the “stop making crap content” posts just adding to the pile of crap content? They’re not exactly actionable, yeah? — Nicole Kohler (@nicoleckohler) June 24, 2014 Stop telling other bloggers to stop creating crap content.  I get fired up about this one.  One of the things that drives me insane is people […]

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The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show Episode 10: Why Companies Won’t Connect With Their Customers

January 6, 2015

Welcome to the 10th episode of The Fan-Damn-Tastic Marketing Show!  Today we are going to talk about a marketing problem that everyone knows exists, that not too many marketers seem to be doing anything about: Creating customer-centric messages and connecting with customers. Show Notes: 0:50 – “What’s the Biggest Mistake That Marketers Make?”discussion from the […]

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What’s the ROI of Making Your Customers Cry?

January 5, 2015

Watch this video.  Now. Then forward it to your boss and ask her “What would our business look like if our customers loved us that much?” Or maybe the better question to ask is, “Why don’t we love our customers as much as Taylor Swift loves her fans?” Because you don’t.  And you should. I […]

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