Digital Optimization Playbook

Let's take what you are already doing with digital and make it better!
Did you know that improving the efficiency of your digital marketing by just 10% can result in a 2% increase in revenue? Think about the investments you could afford to make in your business if your revenues grew by just an additional 2% this year. 

I understand that your budget is limited, and you have to spend it smartly. You can't afford to spend on services that may or may not work. My Digital Optimization Playbook is designed to maximize the efficiency of your current efforts while also giving you recommendations on how to grow long-term, for minimal cost. I give you analysis that helps you quickly improve your current efforts, so you can quickly generate more revenue, while lowering your business costs. A true win-win!

My Digital Optimization Playbook is designed to not only give you fast results for less money, but each Playbook focuses on solving the core problems that you are facing with your digital efforts:

  • If you need more sales, the Content Creation and Optimization section is for you.
  • If you need more traffic, the SEO Optimization section is for you.
  • If you need more engagement, the Social Media Optimization and Customer Engagement sections are for you.
  • If you need help measuring your efforts, the Measurement Optimization section is for you.
  • If you need more happy customers, the Brand Advocacy section is for you.

Here's what is included in each Digital Optimization Playbook:

social Media

  • Direction on how to increase engagement on every social channel your business uses, and how to customize the content you share based on each different social channel
  • Framework for how to respond to customers online, especially customers who are complaining about your brand or who have problems you need to address. Additionally, you'll be given instructions on how to determine if you are responding to a troll, an actual customer with a legitimate complaint, or a loyal customer. You'll also be given the strategy for replying to each.
  • Detailed analysis of how you can begin improving engagement within the first 30 days, with long-term goals for 6 and 12 months
  • Instructions for better engaging current customers and creating more fans
  • Worksheet for improving engagement for every piece of content you create


  • Detailed analysis of the type of content your business should be creating at each stage of the Buyer's Journey
  • Detailed analysis of how you can begin improving your content's ability to generate sales within the first 30 days, with long-term goals for 6 and 12 months
  • How to use Calls to Action in your content to move the buyer closer to a sale
  • How to use Personas to aid in content creation 
  • Worksheet for making sure every piece of content you create is appropriate for where your reader is at on the Buyer's Journey


  • How to focus your content on your business' core competencies
  • How to create content that helps establish your business' expertise, while also signaling to search engines how to categorize your site, blog and content
  • Analysis on which topics and keywords your business should be focused on when creating content and how to use both effectively to improve search rankings
  • Worksheet that shows your business the steps to follow to improve the search rankings for every blog post and article that you create


  • How to decide which metrics to track based on what your business' goals are
  • How to determine which metrics are worth tracking and which ones are not
  • Worksheet that shows you the appropriate metrics to track for each piece of content your business creates, based on your desired business outcomes

Pam Scott,

Director of Corporate Communications,

Red Lion Hotels

“We were looking for a complete audit of our social media endeavors as a first step toward generating a larger presence. Mack gave us the insight we needed to determine what our competitors are doing, especially what they are doing well. He made recommendations for specific ways Red Lion Hotels could engage more with its audience. These were exactly the tools we needed to move to the next level of social engagement.”

Each Digital Optimization Playbook is built for your business to give you customized instruction and strategic advice on how to improve your digital marketing efforts immediately. Each playbook represents approximately 100 hours of research, design and development.

Many companies are in desperate need of strategic instruction and advice to take their digital and social media marketing efforts to the next level.  There's two reasons why most of these companies don't invest in the help they need:

  • It's too expensive. Most consultants or agencies charge $8,000-$12,000 for a standard social media or digital marketing 'audit'. Those of you that have priced these services know that most charge north of $10,000.
  • It takes too long to see real results. Most of these 'audits' are positioned so that the company is given a set of recommendations to follow, and if they do so, they will start to see results in 6-12 months. Most companies can't or won't invest in a service that costs $10,000 or more and which won't produce results for 6-12 months. Who can blame them?

The Digital Optimization Playbook takes both these concerns off the table. First, its priced at $3,499.  Yes, just $3,499. Second, the Digital Optimization Playbook is built to show your business how to OPTIMIZE its digital efforts, so that you see IMMEDIATE results! The Playbook will show you how to get long-term results as well, but it's also going to show you how to start improving your results from Day One.

Each Digital Optimization Playbook is approximately 85-100 pages in length, so it has all the comprehensive and strategic instruction your business needs to improve its digital efforts today, as well as months and years from now. 

Each customized Digital Optimization Playbook requires one month to create, research, develop and design. If you're interested in reserving your Digital Optimization Playbook, click the red button below to email me and I'll be in touch with you ASAP to get started giving your business the custom digital instruction it needs!

I Need to Optimize My Digital Efforts Today, For Less Money!