Think Like a Rock Star: How to Create Social Media and Marketing Strategies that Turn Customers Into Fans

The book that finally teaches you how to turn customers into passionate fans that love your brand. Here's what's included:
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    Case Studies From Music and Business: You'll learn how both rock stars and companies just like yours are using these methods to create raving fans.
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    Step-By-Step Instructions in Every Chapter: All concepts are carefully explained so you can apply these concepts at your own company to begin seeing immediate results.
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    Practical Application so You Get Immediate Results: Think Like a Rock Star is written so that all the concepts you learn can be practically applied immediately at your company. This book was written as a tool to propel your business forward and to energize and excite your customer base. 

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In Think Like a Rock Star, You Will Learn:


The Secret of How Rock Stars Create Fans

Believe it or not, rock stars don't have fans by accident. Rock stars employ an exact marketing strategy to create and cultivate fans that is completely counter-intuitive to how most companies market to their customers. I'll explain how and why rock stars market the way they do, and show your company how to replicate the success rock stars achieve.


How to Engage Your Customers, Especially Ones Who Are Complaining About You Online

For many companies, seeing a customer complain about them online is a nightmare scenario. It shouldn't be, Think Like a Rock Star includes a step-by-step process for responding to customers that are complaining about your company online, or those who are attacking you. With this step-by-step process in hand, you can feel confident handling any 'social media crisis' that may arise!


 Complete Instructions on How to become a Rock Star Brand

Want to launch a Brand Ambassador Program but aren't sure how? What about an Influencer Outreach Program or a Customer Advisory Panel? Think Like a Rock Star includes step-by-step instructions for all these initiatives, even down to staffing and individual roles and responsibilities.


Backstage Passes in Every Chapter

Every chapter includes a Backstage Pass which is designed to give you help implementing the ideas in that chapter, immediately. One of the biggest complaints about marketing and social media books is that they are long on theory, and short on the 'how'. Think Like a Rock Star was written to teach you how to do EVERY concept that's introduced in the book. Every 'why' is matched with a 'how' so you know exact how to execute every idea presented in Think Like a Rock Star.

About the Author: Mack Collier

 Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 40 Social Media Marketers in the World, Mack is a keynote speaker and best-selling business author. In writing Think Like a Rock Star, Mack pulled on his professional experience creating initiatives such as Brand Ambassador and Influencer Outreach Programs for companies of all sizes. Additionally, he spent years interviewing marketers at top global brands to learn exactly how they were creating customer-centric programs that drove massive business growth. Plus, he got to study and interview a lot of actual rock stars, which was pretty cool too. The end result is a book that gives you the knowledge and framework that real rock stars use to create armies of passionate fans, and shows you how to apply these same strategies to your business.  


What People Are Saying


Katie Morse,

Social Marketing Manager at Billboard

“Highly recommended! Mack Collier shows companies the exact steps they need to take to connect with their fans, and the business value of doing so.”

John Pope,

Director of Communications at Nokia

“More than a compelling read, this book is a step-by-step guide for any brand to discover and ignite its fans. ”

Kelly Hungerford,

Community Marketing Manager at Paper.Li

“I love this book for so many reasons, but most of all because for every 'why', there is a 'how'! The case studies, tips, and social media advice are perfectly aligned with Mack's underlying mission of helping brands understand the true value of their most passionate customers. It's a must read for modern-day marketers! ”

Tim Washer,

Senior Marketing Manager of Social Media at Cisco

“'Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse' is a brilliant mock-awareness campaign produced by the CDC that earned 30,000 views on the first day it was published. Mack Collier shares insights from case studies such as this, showing how even conservative brands can create You Tube sensations, while humanizing the brand along the way. I've applied this type of approach on social campaigns at IBM and Cisco and know firsthand that any brand can learn a great deal from these lessons.”

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