Get More Customers 

Spend Less Money

Your current customers are your best source for sustainable business success. Most companies prioritize acquiring new customers over building better relationships with its existing customers. This is unfortunate, because your current customers: 
  • Cost less. It costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer.
  • Spend more. Repeat customers are shown to spend on average 45-50% more than new customers
  • Acquire new customers, for free! Current customers are constantly promoting your company to friends, family members and other potential customers they come in contact with.
Your current customers are your best source for sustained business success. That's why I build programs, content and digital strategies that help my clients increase sales, grow its customer base, and lower marketing costs by better understanding and connecting with its current customers.
I want my next successful case study to be your company.

Kerry O'Shea Gorgone,

Director of Product Strategy, Training, MarketingProfs

“Since 2006, MarketingProfs has trusted Mack to help us create content, events and experiences that delight our customers. Mack literally wrote the book on how to create happy customers, and we continue to rely on his advice and mentoring to help us continuously improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. Plus, Mack is incredibly easy work with, which is always a plus! 

I'm so happy we hired Mack, and you will be too."

Here's How I Can Help Your Company Grow:

Consulting and Advisement

Whether you need an audit of your existing strategies, ongoing strategic advisement, or simply an expert to look over your shoulder, I can help. This service is perfect for businesses with a limited budget, or those who have an occasional need for help, such as in dealing with a one-time crisis management issue. I am happy to help give your team the direction and advice it needs, as necessary. 

Strategic Development and Execution

If your business lacks the skills or bandwidth to development complex digital strategies or customer engagement programs, I can help. Whether its creating a complete digital strategy or building a robust brand ambassador program from the ground up, I can deliver. If your business also needs help executing its new strategy or program, I offer custom packages to give your business every tool it needs to succeed.


On-site speaking is a wonderfully cost-efficient way to provide training to your team all at once. Or if you need to bring in an outside expert for your user or customer conference. Each presentation is completely customized to your company's precise needs.

On-Site Workshops

On-site workshops are perfect when your team needs a hands-on, deep-dive on a particular topic or skill. My workshops are designed to facilitate group and individual learning so that your team can immediately put its newly-acquired skills to use.

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Meet Mack Collier:

Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 25 Social Media Marketers in the world, I help companies like yours craft world-class digital marketing strategies. Success in digital isn't about understanding social media tools, it's about understanding how and why your customers are using those tools. Notice how many companies are looking for an 'Instagram Expert' or a 'Facebook Guru'? These are the companies that haven't worked with me. You've probably heard of some of the ones that have; brands like Dell, Adobe, Ingersoll Rand,, Red Lion Hotels,, MarketingProfs and Utica National Insurance. I give companies strategic advice and direction that enables them to more effectively reach their customers online via digital marketing and drive real business growth. Again, if you need a 'Twitter Ninja', I'm not for you. But if you need someone that can teach you how to better engage your customers online and drive measurable results for your business, then please contact me as I'd love to work with you.

Finally, I literally wrote the book on how to create a world-class Brand Ambassador Program, and that book is 
Think Like A Rock Star: How to Create Social Media and Marketing Strategies That Turn Customers Into Fans, published in 2013 by McGraw-Hill. Companies have been using Think Like a Rock Star as a template for building amazing Brand Ambassador Programs since 2013, and the book is an Amazon Best Seller.

One of the best audience growth rates was achieved by a website

What Clients Are Saying

Michelle Brigman,

Director of Social Media Listening and Engagement, Dell

“Mack’s expertise in social media is widely known & respected. When we invited him to help facilitate a customer event, we knew that his integrity, reputation, commitment to his customers, & knowledge would make for a great partnership. We were right. Our event was a success and we continue to value to his ideas about building stronger customer relationships.”

Ann Handley,

Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

“What I love about Mack Collier as a speaker at our events is that our audiences simply love him. Mack has a very direct, no-BS style. He doesn’t give a lot of theory or offer abstract concepts. Instead, he speaks directly about what works in social media and offers concrete ideas that attendees can take home immediately and implement.” 

Kelly Hungerford,

Director of Community, Paperli

“Mack’s record with building strategic brand loyalty initiatives and passion for connecting companies with consumers for win-win scenarios was the perfect partner for defining and structuring’s 4 Pillar Brand Ambassador Program.

At the end of our twelve month engagement we had far more than an ambassador program: we had a blueprint for organic growth that proved to increase growth and loyalty simultaneously, exceeded stakeholder expectations and earned long-term end-user loyalty.

If you are working on customer retention and loyalty or just want to better understand what you need to do to move your marketing plans forward, I highly recommend working with Mack Collier for your next project.”

Contact Mack Today to See How He Can Help You Mobilize Your Customers to Grow Your Business!