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Money can't buy you happiness, unless you spend it on experiences. Did you know this? Science has proven that the happiness we gain from buying products is fleeting and decreases over time, while the happiness we gain from our experiences while traveling grows over time! This has massive implications for the tourism industry, and I teach your destination how to leverage this in my talk Think Like a Rock Star: How to Build Rock Star Engagement and Excitement For Your Destination or Attraction. In this talk I teach your destination, attraction or venue how to: 
  • Leverage the process that rock stars use to create fans, to create repeat visitors. Rock stars follow a 4-step marketing process to create and cultivate fans, and I teach you how to incorporate this process into your marketing strategy, with specific examples from the tourism, travel and hospitality industries.
  • Build engagement by creating better content. I teach you what type of content has been proven to generate more engagement, and also show you how to create content that is relevant and interesting to visitors and travelers.
  • Activate local residents and former visitors to help promote your event, venue, attraction or destination! The most-trusted form of content is created by other customers. I'll give you real-world examples of how smart marketers are leveraging local residents and former visitors to attract new business.
Think Like a Rock Star is my signature presentation, and has been for 10 years. It always engages and excites audiences immediately by detailing how rock stars create and cultivate fans, while explaining how your destination or attraction can do the same. Additionally, it illustrates each concept with case studies and examples that are relevant to your industry. When possible, I will even incorporate examples from the destinations or attractions that have sent attendees to your event. This always delights attendees to see their employer used as a positive example in a presentation.

I recently presented Think Like a Rock Star to an industry event and upon leaving the stage, the organizers were so thrilled with the presentation that they committed to buying each attendee a copy of my book, Think Like a Rock Star: How to Create Social Media and Marketing Strategies That Turn Customers Into Fans.

I want your event to be the next audience that I delight. Please email me today as I have a limited number of dates left for the remainder of 2018. 

Tami Reist,

President and CEO, Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association

“We highly recommend Mack Collier to present a social media presentation to your group. Our company Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association has worked with Mack Collier professionally for over five years. Mack helped our organization understand new techniques to work with all social media outlets. Our main goal was to offer our members a training that would allow the group to get a better understanding of social media so they could better sell our 16 county regional organization. His topic You-Us-Me; The Only Formula You Need For Creating Content That Drives Sales – was a great training. His book Think Like a Rock Star is also a great resource for learning how to create a social media and marketing plan guide.

If your organization is looking for ways to market your area, I would highly recommend Mack Collier.

I Want to Make My Tourism Event Amazing

Here's How I Help Your Tourism Conference Be Amazing:

My Presentations Give Your Attendees Actionable Takeaways and Instructions

Every presentation I give is designed to instruct your attendees on how to immediately implement the concepts I discuss at their attractions, venues or destinations. Theory is fine, but what your attendees really want is to know how to leverage these concepts to make an impact at their jobs as soon as they leave your event. I give them the guidance and tools to do just that. 

My Presentations Are Specific to Your Audience

Every presentation I give has case studies, examples and ideas that are relevant to your industry. Your attendees want to see how other destinations are putting these concepts into action, and this helps facilitate learning. In addition, I use examples and case studies from attendees when possible. This helps energize and excite your audience. 

I Am Your Promotional Partner For Your Event

Most speakers show up the day before your event, and leave as soon as their talk ends. You hand them a check and that's it. I work with you in lockstep to ensure that your event gets all the promotion it deserves. The more successful your event is, the better it is for me as a speaker.  Speaking at a more successful event makes me look better as a speaker. Note Tami Siewruk's testimonial below; A big reason why my Think Like a Rock Star session at OptSum was so popular that it was standing room only is because I helped Tami promote the event and my session for months leading up to it. As a result, I had built excitement for the session and the event weeks before it happened. I will do the same thing for your event because the better your event does, the more it helps me as a speaker.  


Real-World Examples Mixed With Abstract Aid Learning

Many speakers incorporate case studies into their presentations to illustrate key points or concepts. However, science has shown that if you only give the audience case studies to illustrate a concept, the audience will assume the case study example is the only way to apply the concept, and they won't understand it well enough to apply it within their organization. 

The way to remedy this is to mix real-world case studies with abstract examples. I show your audience a real-world example and then explain how this concept could be applied at an organization similar to their own. By seeing both actual and abstract examples, the concept is easier for your audience to understand, which also increases satisfaction with my session, and by extension, your event. 

Meet Mack Collier:

Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 25 Social Media Marketers in the world, I help events like yours surprise and delight their attendees and more importantly, I make your attendees happy they invested in your event. "Your session justified the cost of my trip" is the attendee feedback that I strive for, and often receive.

I have spoken at most of the largest social media and digital marketing events in the country, including South By Southwest, Blog World and New Media Expo, Marketing Profs B2B Forum, Content Marketing World, and many more. I have also spoken at several tourism events, including the Alabama Governor's Conference on Tourism, Social Media Tourism Symposium, The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism Summit as well as the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association.

Finally, I literally wrote the book on how to create a world-class Brand Ambassador Program, and that book is 
Think Like A Rock Star: How to Create Social Media and Marketing Strategies That Turn Customers Into Fans, published in 2013 by McGraw-Hill. Companies have been using Think Like a Rock Star as a template for building amazing Brand Ambassador Programs since 2013, and the book is an Amazon Best Seller.


What Clients Are Saying


Tami Siewruk,

Chief Imagination Officer, MultifamilyPro

“Mack Collier’s participation was a huge asset to our first Optimization Summits event. His workshop, Think Like a Rock Star; How To Build Fans and Community Around Your Social Media Efforts, was such a popular draw that we had to add chairs to the room to accommodate everyone who wanted to attend. Several attendees were so excited about what they learned that they tweeted key points while the session was underway, and we received great feedback from participants on Mack’s ability to engage the audience and convey knowledge that they can act on immediately to improve their social media efforts. I recommend Mack highly both as a social media authority and as a presenter!”

Ann Handley,

Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

“What I love about Mack Collier as a speaker at our events is that our audiences simply love him. Mack has a very direct, no-BS style. He doesn’t give a lot of theory or offer abstract concepts. Instead, he speaks directly about what works in social media and offers concrete ideas that attendees can take home immediately and implement.” 

Mack Collier - closing comments

I Need to Make My Tourism Event Amazing