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We’ll talk about my speaking qualifications in a minute, but first let’s talk about you. You’re here because you want to make your event as successful as possible. Your job is to pick speakers that will sell tickets and send your attendees home happy that they attended your event.

I understand that. I’ve spoken at events like yours since 2008. I’ve worked with hundreds of event planners and organizers, I’ve even helped select speakers for events. This event is your baby, it’s a labor of love to you. And I’m going to help you make it a rousing success.
Over the last decade I've spoken at hundreds of events; including public conferences, user conferences, and events for specific industries or associations. My topics cover digital and general marketing strategies, with the underlying theme being that I teach your audiences how to better connect with, understand and excite their customers to drive real business growth. 
Some of my signature topics include:
  • Think Like a Rock Star: How to Create Social Media and Marketing Strategies That Turn Customers Into Fans. This is my signature presentation and my most-requested. In this presentation I detail, based on extensive research, the precise marketing strategy that rock stars use to create and cultivate fans. Then I walk your audience through precisely how to follow the same process to covert their customers into passionate fans that buy more and who promote their company. This presentation always surprises and delights every audience that hears it, and the 'a-ha!' moments will be plentiful. Make sure you have notepads available for attendees as there will be furious note-taking. 
  • How to Create Content That Sells. This presentation walks you through every stage of the buying process, and details the precise type of content that you should be creating at each stage of the buyer's journey. Spoiler alert: If you are creating content with the intention of building awareness for your brand, then you CANNOT create content that sells. I explain why in this presentation. By the end of the talk, your audience knows precisely what type of content to create at every stage of the buying process so they can immediately improve conversions at each point, and ultimately generate more sales. 
  • The Passion Principle: How to Create Marketing and Content That Your Customers Will Love. We don't hate marketing, we hate bad marketing. Bad marketing is completely irrelevant and worthless to us, so it becomes a nuisance. In this presentation, I show you how to create marketing messages and content that taps into the ideas, themes and beliefs that are important to your customers. If winning the attention of your customers is your goal, then this presentation is precisely what you need. This presentation shows your audience how to win the attention of their customers, and then how to convert that attention into sales.  


 What's Included In Each On-Site Keynote Package:

  • Presentation of up to two hours on your desired topic
  • One hour prep call prior to event
  • One hour on-site Consulting for your Team, Sponsors or Attendees
  • Book signing or Meet and Greet with attendees
  • Promotion of your event via my Content channels 

I want your event to be the next audience that I delight. Please email me today and I will be happy to work with your team to provide an in-person or virtual session that will be the talk of your event. 

Ann Handley,

Chief Content Officer,


What I love about Mack Collier as a speaker at our events is that our audiences simply love him. Mack has a very direct, no-BS style. He doesn’t give a lot of theory or offer abstract concepts. Instead, he speaks directly about what works in social media and offers concrete ideas that attendees can take home immediately and implement."

I Want to Make My Event Amazing

Here's How I Help Your Conference Be Amazing:

My Presentations Empower Your Attendees With Actionable Takeaways and Instructions

I explain the Why, but illustrate the How-To, as well. It’s not just about entertaining your audience; it’s about inspiring attendees to take action, then equipping them to do so. Your audience will leave with the knowledge and tools necessary to immediately put my teachings into practice, so they can realize tangible benefits for their businesses. This practical insight helps your attendees to demonstrate the ROI of attending your event, which improves the chance that they’ll be back next year. 

My Presentations Are Specific to Your Audience

Each presentation includes 50-100 hours of research, design and preparation, so I can deliver a completely customized, unique experience, because that’s what your and your attendees deserve. All case studies and examples are tailored to your audience, and I will work directly with you to make sure that my content is relevant to your unique audience. 

I Am Your Promotional Partner For Your Event

Most speakers show up for your event, speak for an hour, grab a check and leave for the airport. I view myself as your promotional partner whose goal is to make your event as successful as possible. This makes complete sense for me, because the more successful your event is, the better I look to be speaking at it, right? I will devote weeks if not months prior to my speaking to promote and help build excitement for your event and my session. Note Tami Siewruk's testimonial below. A big reason why my session at OptSum was standing-room-only was because I spent weeks prior to that event promoting the event and my session. I connected directly with attendees prior to the event to build excitement for it, and my session. 

Real-World Examples Mixed With Abstract Aid Learning

A lot of presentations have case studies to illustrate a concept. The problem with this approach is that if you only use a case study to illustrate a concept, science has shown that audience will understand the case study, but not the underlying concept it illustrates! The way to ensure learning is to combine real-world case studies with abstract examples. Doing both ensures that the audience better understands the core concept, and I employ this teaching method in all my presentations.  My goal isn't to teach you about how another company did something, my goal is to teach your attendees how they can do the same thing at their company. 

Meet Mack Collier:

Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 25 Social Media Marketers in the world, I help events like yours surprise and delight their attendees and more importantly, I make your attendees happy they invested in your event. "Your session justified the cost of my trip" is the attendee feedback that I strive for, and often receive.

I have spoken at most of the largest social media and digital marketing events in the country, including South By Southwest, Blog World and New Media Expo, Marketing Profs B2B Forum, Content Marketing World, and many more. I have also spoken at events tailored to the tourism, cellular, insurance, banking and broadband industries, among others. Whether your event is open to the public, or specific to your industry, I can provide your audience with an amazing experience and the knowledge to leave your event and immediately be more productive within their organizations.

Finally, I literally wrote the book on how to create a world-class Brand Ambassador Program, and that book is 
Think Like A Rock Star: How to Create Social Media and Marketing Strategies That Turn Customers Into Fans, published in 2013 by McGraw-Hill. Companies have been using Think Like a Rock Star as a template for building amazing Brand Ambassador Programs since 2013, and the book is an Amazon Best Seller.

What Clients Are Saying

Tami Siewruk,

Chief Imagination Officer, MultifamilyPro

“Mack Collier’s participation was a huge asset to our first Optimization Summits event. His workshop, Think Like a Rock Star; How To Build Fans and Community Around Your Social Media Efforts, was such a popular draw that we had to add chairs to the room to accommodate everyone who wanted to attend. Several attendees were so excited about what they learned that they tweeted key points while the session was underway, and we received great feedback from participants on Mack’s ability to engage the audience and convey knowledge that they can act on immediately to improve their social media efforts. I recommend Mack highly both as a social media authority and as a presenter!”

Andy Johns,

Director of Marketing, WordSouth

“Mack was the keynote speaker for our marketing conference in March 2018 and his material, delivery and attention to detail did not disappoint! According to our audience feedback survey, Mack's session was the most popular and meaningful session over the three-day conference — and by a significant margin. Mack not only has mastered his topic, but he has an approachable and down-to-earth style that really resonated with our audience. Mack not only left our audience with new perspectives and fresh ideas, but also left them amped up and excited to go convert customers into fans. We would love to work with Mack again!"

Michelle Brigman,

Director of Social Meida Listening and Engagement, Dell

“Mack’s expertise in social media is widely known & respected. When we invited him to help facilitate a customer event, we knew that his integrity, reputation, commitment to his customers, & knowledge would make for a great partnership. We were right. Our event was a success and we continue to value to his ideas about building stronger customer relationships.”

Tami Reist,

President, CEO Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association

“We highly recommend Mack Collier to present a social media presentation to your group. Our company Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association has worked with Mack Collier professionally for over five years. Mack helped our organization understand new techniques to work with all social media outlets. Our main goal was to offer our members a training that would allow the group to get a better understanding of social media so they could better sell our 16 county regional organization. His topic You-Us-Me; The Only Formula You Need For Creating Content That Drives Sales – was a great training. His book Think Like a Rock Star: is also a great resource for learning how to create a social media and marketing plan guide.

If your organization is looking for ways to market your area, I would highly recommend Mack Collier.

Mack Collier - closing comments

I Need to Make My Event Amazing

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Blog World and New Media Expo – Los Angeles, CA

Social Media Integration Conference – Atlanta, GA

Bazaarvoice’s Social Summit – Austin, TX

Social Brand Forum (Keynote) – Coralville, IA

Small Business Marketing Unleashed – Columbus, OH

Small Business Marketing Unleashed – San Antonio, TX

MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer – Scottsdale, AZ

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Alabama Banker’s Association Annual Summit (Keynote) – Birmingham, AL

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Social Media Club (Featured Speaker) – Nashville, TN

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Nashville Chapter of the American Marketing Association (Featured Speaker) – Nashville, TN

New Orleans Chapter of the American Marketing Association (Featured Speaker) – New Orleans, LA

Alabama Governor’s Conference on Tourism (Keynote) – Huntsville, AL

PRCA State Conference – Birmingham, AL

Alabama Mountain Lakes Association Annual Conference (Keynote) – Huntsville, AL

Social Media Tourism Symposium (Keynote) – Huntsville, AL

Type A Parent Conference (Keynote) – Atlanta, GA

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Utica National Insurance Errors and Omissions Conference (Keynote) - San Antonio, TX

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism Summit (Keynote) – Gulf Shores, AL

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