Join #Blogchat Tonight, Co-Hosted By Scott Monty!

by Mack Collier

UPDATE: Here’s the transcript from tonight’s #Blogchat with Scott!

I’m very excited to welcome Scott Monty as co-host of #Blogchat tonight(8-17-2014)!  I’ve known Scott since his Crayon days and of course he did amazing work as the global head of Ford Motor Company’s social media marketing efforts.  Earlier this Summer, Scott moved on from Ford and is currently the EVP of Strategy for Shift Communications.

But what you might not know about Scott is that he’s also a huge Sherlock Holmes fan and has co-founded an all-in-one blog for news and discussion of all things Sherlock.  Since many #Blogchat participants consider themselves to be  ‘personal’ bloggers (or a blogger that writes about their hobbies and passions), I wanted Scott to talk to us about how he can balance an incredibly successful career with also publishing and maintaining a wonderful personal/hobby blog.

Here’s what we’ll be discussing tonight:

8:00pm Central – We’ll talk to Scott about why he started I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere, and the process for starting a blog that’s focused on your hobby or passion.

8:20pm Central – How to find the time to have a successful career and still maintain a successful blog.

8:40pm Central – Scott will share his advice for anyone that’s thinking about launching a blog that’s focused on their favorite passion or hobby.


This should be a wonderful hour as I’ve been wanting to get Scott on to co-host #Blogchat for a long time.  Thank you again to Ann Smarty and the team at MyBlogU for sponsoring #Blogchat this month!  You can learn more about MyBlogU here.

To prepare for tonight’s #Blogchat please make sure you are following Scott on Twitter and check out both his professional blog and I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere.

See you tonight on Twitter!

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