December 2012

If you use Facebook, you’ve been there.  Either you post a goofy picture that you THINK is only going to your ‘Close Friends’ and it ends up being shared with the world, or someone tags you in a photo that goes public when they didn’t intent it to.  It’s long been a problem for Facebook […]

Oh how I love quick and easy solutions!  I’ve been meaning to make a mobile-friendly version of this blog for a while now, and it just stayed buried on my To-Do list.  Then a couple of weeks ago I was out and I checked Facebook on my iPhone and someone linked to a post that […]

I’ve been blogging since 2005, and in those last 7 years, I’ve learned that every year my blog’s traffic begins to fall off around the 12th or 13th of December.  Every year without fail. But it turns out that last week was the 3rd best traffic week ever here.  What’s really interesting is that the […]

Is to create a plan for your blog.  This is the perfect time of the year to create a blogging plan for 2013.  Everyone is slowing down and shifting away from work and toward the Holidays.  Use this down time to get your plan in order now, so you start 2013 with a bang. Now, […]

I saw Ike Pigott mention on Facebook that Charter Cable was killing customer support via social media, especially Twitter: “As you may have heard, Charter will no longer have a customer care team tasked, specifically, with resolving matters raised on Social Media… Monday, December 10, 2012: We will no longer respond to posts that we […]

In 2008, I attended my first ‘social media’ event, South By Southwest.  At one point I was chatting with Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, and we were talking social media and the state of the blossoming industry.  I remember specifically telling them that while social media was great, that the future of marketing was what […]

I honestly don’t spend a lot of time diving into the stats and numbers behind how people are participating in #Blogchat, because ‘what gets measured gets managed’ too often.  But I decided to check out the numbers this week since Paper.Li is on as sponsor for December. What I thought was interesting was that almost […]