October 2011

Tweet118 Share20 Share46 +123Total Shares 207Typically, I am loathe to write personal posts here, because I think I am boring y’all to tears, but I wanted to do so today.  Over the past few months, I’ve had several discussions with people that are working in this space as the umbrella term of a ‘social media […]

Tweet40 Share Share15 +1Total Shares 55I’m thrilled to announce that this Sunday night (October the 30th), #Blogchat will be co-hosted by Lee Odden!  I wanted to Lee to co-host our final #Blogchat before Blog World Expo because one of Lee’s many talents is that he is a prolific live-blogger!  So for those of you that […]

Tweet46 Share7 Share26 +12Total Shares 81 Apple recently launched the newest version of the iPhone, the 4S.  Anticipation was so strong for this launch that it’s being blamed for the 1st ever dip in smartphone sales last quarter, with the thinking being that buyers were holding off on getting a new smartphone till they saw […]

Tweet39 Share5 Share12 +12Total Shares 58 One of the big concerns for so many bloggers is getting more comments on their blog.  There have been a gazillion posts written on how to get more comments, I have written a few myself.  But I think an important distinction we need to make is that getting more […]

Tweet33 Share2 Share11 +11Total Shares 47Last night I was involved in a fabulous #SocialChat on Twitter and at one point we were discussing how companies could learn how to better embrace their advocates by watching how rockstars engage with their fans.  We were discussing how brand advocates WANT to take ownership in their favorite brands, […]

Tweet42 Share2 Share10 +13Total Shares 57 I’ve been closely examining this blog over the last few weeks in several areas.  One of the areas I’ve been looking at is interaction.  Most posts here get several comments, some even a few dozen or more.  So it’s been easy for me to assume that this blog has […]

Tweet55 Share2 Share21 +15Total Shares 83Blog World Expo is only 20 days away!  Can you believe it’s almost here?  I am knee-deep in getting prepped for my first trip to Blog World, and I wanted to touch base with y’all on a couple of key areas: First, we have nailed down all the details on […]

Tweet19 Share1 Share4 +12Total Shares 26 UPDATE: Congrats to Mary Cavanaugh for winning the signed copy of The Hidden Power of Your Customers!  Thanks to everyone for the great comments and discussions! As those of you that have read MackCollier.com for any amount of time know, I rarely do book reviews here.  But I wanted […]

Tweet40 Share1 Share13 +1Total Shares 54 Last night’s #Blogchat topic was getting inspired again if you’ve lost your love of blogging.  It was a fabulous discussion once again, and here’s the transcript if you missed it.  I wouldn’t say that I no longer love blogging, but over the last few weeks, I am loving it […]

Tweet25 Share2 Share12 +13Total Shares 42I am loathe to blog about a topic when it seems that everyone in the ‘Social Media Bubble’ has already covered it, but the recent spat between Ragu and Social Media-savvy dads just keeps pulling me back in. First, above is a list of the tweets that @RaguTweets sent out […]

Tweet30 Share1 Share13 +12Total Shares 46Exactly four weeks from today I will be on a plane bound (eventually) for Los Angeles, and Blog World Expo.  I’ve already started getting ready for this trip, and we’ll be doing a Live #Blogchat there on Saturday the 5th.  As I’ve been prepping for this trip, I realized that […]