February 2012

Tweet Share Share6 +1Total Shares 6“Oh we’re in constant contact with our customers, we ride with them all the time.” – Harley-Davidson CSO Willie Davidson when asked if HD does market research to better understand their customers. For years, brands have had it beaten over their heads that ‘The Customer’s in charge now’ and that […]

Tweet Share Share12 +12Total Shares 14Your job is to make my job easier.  Do that, and I’ll give you coverage here every single time. Let me give you an example:  A couple of years ago my friend Kaitlyn (Note the ‘my friend’ part, PR peeps) at Ogilvy pitched me on an idea she had to […]

Tweet Share12 Share12 +12Total Shares 26 Pretty interesting turn of events happened earlier tonight at the Daytona 500.  With 40 laps left, the race went under caution, and as usually happens, trucks were on the track to help clear off the debris. What happened next was totally bizarre.  Driver Juan Pablo Montoya was going down […]

Tweet Share2 Share12 +11Total Shares 15I’ve blogged before about how you can use Twitter as a tool to drive more attention and exposure to your blog.  I wanted to walk you through how I used Twitter to increase my blog’s traffic last week by 41% over the previous week. First, I posted 5 times last […]

Tweet Share4 Share19 +16Total Shares 29 I had an interesting back and forth with Adam the other day on Twitter about his perception that ‘social media gurus’ don’t openly disagree or challenge each other’s thoughts.  I wanted to write a post about that, but then I realized that our discussion actually dovetailed a bit into […]

Tweet Share1 Share4 +1Total Shares 5 I found an interesting bit of movie marketing news yesterday on Emily’s blog.  She mentioned that the social media strategy for the April release The Five-Year Engagement includes a character blog!  I’ve blogged about this for literally five years, but I think character blogs can be an amazingly smart […]

Tweet Share11 Share28 +132Total Shares 71 If you’ve been following the social media marketing space/blogosphere over the last year or so, you’ve probably heard increasing chatter about the concept of ‘Social Business’. So what IS a Social Business?  Good question, and it seems one that not even the people chattering about it can agree upon. […]

Tweet Share5 Share8 +1Total Shares 13I was listening to an interview that Problogger had on his site (I would link to it but it was his ‘thank you’ for signing up for his newsletter), and he was interviewing a blogger about the success he’s had with his blog.  The blogger said that part of his […]

Tweet6 Share16 Share34 +113Total Shares 69Analytics is an area that a lot of bloggers don’t pay as much attention to as they should.  And while I’m definitely not an expert when it comes to super-advanced analytics-tracking, I did want to give y’all a general overview of getting analytics tracking set up on your blog and […]

Tweet Share7 Share38 +14Total Shares 49Tomorrow night (Sunday) we’ll be chatting about our favorite blog plugins at #Blogchat.  The discussion will start at 8pm Central, and if you’ve never joined #Blogchat, here’s what it’s all about. To prep for that discussion, I wanted to share with y’all my five favorite WordPress plugins. These are for […]

Tweet Share2 Share12 +1Total Shares 14 Too often, when companies research conferences to decide if they should attend, they only look at the program.  While the program is probably the most important element to any conference, the value of an event extends far past the agenda.  And in order to tap into all the value […]